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Fay Octavia Elliott

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Whether you’re a newly diagnosed cancer patient, caregiver, or loved one, discover insights that inspire through shared wisdom that comes from having ‘been there.’

My Story

Last updated: Mar 29 2014

My website:
Facebook: Fay Octavia Elliott 
Meditations and Articles:

Welcome to my lifeline page where I will be posting updates for everyone that is interested in my status and in helping me.

I want to use these pages to share a journey with you, not of my decline and illness, but I hope of my interior journey. I will leave it to Nancy to post the other stuff for those of you that are interested.

If this feels like deja vu all over again, it is. Only this time the stakes are higher.

The thing I am most grateful for in this moment is my meditation practice,the teachings of the Buddha, and my teachers Easwaran and the Sakyong for keeping me sane and mentally stable.

I am hugely grateful to my family and friends for giving me love and joy.

My cancer history is in the e-book about cancer thrivers which I still consider myself. I hope you will take a look.

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