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George Karl


Celebrating a Healthy Life

Hello Everyone - we wanted to update you on George's progress since his treatment which ended one year and approximately 2 months ago. He has come so far in his recovery process from his head and neck cancer having three clean PET Scans. His last scan was June 17 - positive results is always reassuring. We continue to try to eat as healthy as possible - still eat out too much and they are working on us to change that habit. George also had remarkable results with his immunologist (T cells/ B cells) on his last visit and he said he didn't need to come back for six months. We continue to work with great people to help be an ambassador and advocate for cancer care. MyLifeLine.Org and the Cancer Care Initiative at Swedish Hospital and the Progressive Health Center are the two partners that we feel very close to. We are learning a lot about cancer and want to be a part of the challenge to find a cure and to assist the cancer families in their journey to good health. This weekend we are having a celebration of George's 1000 wins, 60th Birthday and renewed spirit in health and energy. It is going to be great to see family, old and new friends, friendly competitors and life long companions. Thanks for all your positive vibes!!!

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