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George Karl


Celebrating Life

Just got done celebrating my first Thanksgiving with most of my family here in Denver and decided to write a letter of celebration to the hundreds of emails, messages and prayers that have been sent my way through this blog and website.

First, to Kim for living her life and most of my life for me through the tough months of my treatment.   She was an angel to do what she did, never can I thank her enough for giving me 3-4 months of daily love and care and support and also running the house and family in such a classy way.  I'm blessed because of her love she showed me with her daily attitude and service to me and Kaci and all of our visitors, family and friends.

My health as of now is in a good place.  Still have many hurdles as does all cancer survivors, to clear for the next four or five years.  Many thanks to my doctors for their treatments but also to the assistants and nurses who made my daily treatments 'Real' and friendly and held my hand through many tough days and down moments.  Their smiles and simple hello's and caring pushed me to be strong and willing to win this battle against the cancer bugs in my body.

Around mid-August I started to feel stronger on a daily basis and today feel as healthy as I've felt in 10 years - we hired a nutritionist and have gone to an immunologist to help feed me the food and vitamins that will rebuild my body without cancer.  The immunologist to help me find out what went wrong and to fix the problem for it doesn't happen again.

I want to thank my family and friends for their visits and prayers.  Family has a strength and power to it, that sometimes is only felt in the darkest thoughts. Without these people supporting Kim, Kaci and I,  well lets just say we felt your love and appreciate you being a part of getting us to where we are today.

I was amazed how when I needed to be kicked in the butt, or picked up from my depressed days, I received a letter or email or phone call from a friend, coach, player or from a cancer survivor that would get me back on the positive track.  Too all of you who were a part of those special moments - I can only say thank you and may your gift of caring and giving be repaid in a special Karma to you.

Now to all of the people who blogged in on mylifeline, all I can say is WOW!
Your words lifted both Kim and I very often through the tough days - to the old friends and new friends your words and stories were fantastic - too feel the passion of your thoughts through the emails brought goose bumps and tears to Kim and I - and most of all motivated and stimulated my courage to keep the fight and get through and win the battle.  My Thank you is from my heart and too all of you, you awoke a love for people and caring who aren't in my life but helped me save my life - thanks is all I have to give to you other than to take what you gave to me and pass that same spirit to other cancer fighters and help them in their challenge to live and beat cancer.  

So as I near 1000 wins in my NBA career, I know they're hundreds of you I owe a hug and kiss.  I will never forget what I just went through, but what I will remember most is the soulful love so many people gave to me when I needed it most.

I will never give up the fight, but my courage is not all mine, it is with you I will win this fight.

Merry Christmas and Go Nuggets,

Peace and love,


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