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George Karl


A Busy Month for George

A lot has happened this past month for George first of all honored by Hoops for St. Jude being presented the George Karl Award for Courage in Sport and also honored at the ESPY's receiving the Jimmy V award for Perseverance, both awards being very deserving. Besides the awards he has had a successful tube removal on July 20 being able to get all of his nutrition through the mouth. He is experimenting with many different types of foods to see what works and what doesn't! It seems that soup and salads have worked for him in the last couple of weeks. The most important news is that George received his Pet Scan on Monday and was told by the doctors that he had a beautiful response to the primary site and the lump in the lymph node from the treatment plan. The next Pet Scan will be in four months and the recovery of his voice, taste and mucus is a work in progress but it getting better on a weekly basis. He is going on vacation for a couple of weeks and is looking forward to start coaching in September!

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