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George Karl


Traveling George and New Addition

We have been on the road traveling these last couple weeks with stops in Olympia, WA, visiting Kelci, Jackie, Kienan and the new addition Cinaiya who was born last week. We had a great visit celebrating Kienan's 2nd birthday and the birth of their 2nd child. We spent a week out in Washington hoping to get a chance to see the new baby and it worked out where we were able to get two days with her. It was very exciting!! We returned to Denver on July 4 and George was back on the road to Las Vegas for the summer league on the 8th. He is starting be able to eat a few more solid foods or I should say he has been more adventurous in trying new items. It is not a lot but it is a start. Yesterday he was so excited that he ate two tomatoes and he made sure he told me they were big! Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers!

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