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George Karl


Update on George

I just wanted to give you an update on how George is doing since his return from the hospital. His energy level is starting to slowly come back, nutrition is still mainly from his feeding tube with an occasional sighting of peaches being swallowed. He has tried a few other things which usually ended with - I'm not ready for that! He has gone into work a few times and is getting out an about other than just the doctor visits. The major complaint is still the mucus which seems to be never ending. We usually have to go the doctors office a couple times a week yet to get his INR checked to see if he is on the correct dosage of Coumadin for his blood thinning medicine. He is in good spirits which is the most important thing!!! He also lost approximately 40 lbs which might not be great for his recovery process right now but once he is feeling better this will help his energy and activity level. Thanks again for all of your wonderful thoughts and prayers!!!!

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