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George Karl


Looking forward to going home!

George is still in the hospital but is expected to come home tomorrow. He woke up yesterday with a very swollen left knee which bothered him most of the day and the doctors were still cautious about him being able to get out of bed due to his clotting right leg so he was bed ridden since Friday night and going a little stir crazy. It is tough being in the hospital and being confined to your bed so he was welcoming his move from the bed to a chair. We were hoping to be able to come home today but the swelling in his left knee caused him from bearing any weight on the leg so the trip to the chair was a painful experience. I knew George was in a lot of pain because he complained (which he doesn't do very often) about his left leg more than any other procedure he has had during his hospital stay. After an ultrasound and x-rays, they determined there was a lot of fluid in his arthritic knee and would have to drain it to see if it is just fluid or blood pooling in the area. Thank goodness it was only fluid - Dr. John Woodward drained 60cc of fluid out of his knee and gave him a cortisone shot to relieve the pain and swelling. To help with the blood clotting they decided to put George on Coumadin and ARIXTRA which will probably continued until a therapeutic oral anticoagulant effect is established with the Coumadin. We want to thank all the doctors, nurses and staff for all of their wonderful and amazing care they have given us during these last couple of months.

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