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George Karl


Recurrent Blood Clot

Mid Afternoon yesterday George mentioned his big toe hurt in the morning and it felt swollen so we didn't want to take any chances I called Dr. Saari and he set up to have George get an ultrasound on his leg to find out if he had any blood clots and it turned out he has a blood clot in the same right leg so he was admitted to the hospital to break up the clot. They put in the filter again which they just removed two weeks ago for safety precautions - this keeps any clot traveling to the lungs and heart. They also did the procedure so the heparin is draining into his leg to dissolve the clot. He is in a procedure right now to find out if they need to keep the drip in longer or if they can proceed taking it out and then figure out what is causing the clot since he is on blood thinning medicine and his levels have been fine. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!

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