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George Karl


Visiting the Team

Driving to the Pepsi center to see the team this week I asked George how he was feeling and he mentioned he was nervous since he hasn't seen the guys for a couple of weeks. It all went well - when he returned home he had a big smile on his face. I believe it definitely was a pick me upper for George to be able to see everyone. He said he went around and spoke with them as they were stretching and then watched practice for a little while before coming home - a lot of smiles and hugs went around. George is still struggling with the mucus and sure is wondering when this will disappear. The doctors also mentioned when he finally gets his saliva glands working properly is when he will get his voice back instead of the raspy, scratchy voice. Eating is still a work in progress although he is great about drinking a lot of water mixed with Lemonade. Each day is getting better for him!!

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