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  Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza
  Asheer Raza

5 Tips to Getting Fit Even During the Holiday Season

The festive season is almost here. It’s that time of the year that people feel like they are

permitted to overindulge in everything. Even those who committed to losing extra pounds

last year forget about their New Year resolutions for a while. It’s only later in January that

people realize that they have not been eating well and exercising. Instead of regretting after

the holidays are over for not sticking to your fitness goals, you should plan ahead of time to

ensure you don’t get carried away by the festive mood. Here is a list of tips on what you can

do to remain in good shape during the holiday season.

1. Avoid Sitting Down for Too Long

It’s important you limit the time that you spend on watching TV or just sitting down to listen to

your siblings and country folks tell their tales. Sitting down for extended period of time is not

healthy. For a start, it causes you to add more weight. This in return increases your chances

of suffering from diseases such as diabetes and heart attack. If you have to remain seated

due to unavoidable circumstance, make sure the session doesn’t last beyond 60 minutes.

You should actually find creative ways of ensuring that you get out of the house more often.

You can opt to be the one to go to the shops whenever something is needed. You can also

burn calories by visiting a friend who lives in a nearby neighborhood.

2. Develop a List of Activities

Most folks idle around during holiday because they don’t have something to do. As a fitness

enthusiast, you should prepare in advance to ensure you remain preoccupied in something.

It’s advisable you develop a list of the things that you intend over the holiday season. The list

doesn’t have to include complicated activities. It could be something as simple as mowing

the lawn, watering the plants in the garden, mending a broken fence or even repairing a

leaking water pipe among many other things. When you have such a list, you will know what

to do right after taking breakfast or lunch.

3. Don’t Skip your Training Sessions

Research shows that most people tend to skip their workouts during the festive season.

This is wrong because it drags you behind regardless of how far you had gone towards

accomplishing your fitness goals. Remember, you still need to burn calories especially when

it’s obvious that you will eat too much of everything. A simple workout routine can help you

remain fit. You can do yoga early in the morning, rope jumps or planks. If you have space,

you can use a recumbent exercise bike like the ones listed here.

4. Watch what you Eat

Eating blindly whatever is put on the table is a huge mistake. This is because you end up

eating junk food. Before you put any food on your plate, you should take a minute to ask

yourself if the diet is balanced. An ideal diet should have a large portion of fruits and

vegetables and a small portion of proteins and carbs. Besides that, since you don’t need a

lot of energy, it’s advisable you reduce your portion by half.

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5. Stick to One Day Celebration Rule

If you decide to overindulge, don’t let it go beyond one day. For instance, you can eat

everything that’s served on Christmas day or New Year and then resume on your fitness

goals the following day. Anything that remains after that day should be shared with friends

and neighbors so that you are not tempted to try and clear the leftovers on your own,

because you might have to overindulge for a week or so.

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