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  Jamie Nott
Jamie Nott
May 26th 2019

Well I guess I am getting pretty bad at updating this blog, so I guess I should give a quick update.

Had my CT Scan done, it doesn't tell us if I am cancer free but can see how everything is looking. So it seems there are no signs of cancer in my tonsils where the cancer was at one point. The lump on my neck while still there is shrinking from the original size. You can now start to see the separate lympnoids with the largest one being only 1.5 cm when originally the lump was 5 cm so this is a good thing. We will continue to monitor to make sure it still is shrinking and as long as it does we

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Hi Jamie and family!  Please excuse me if you see this reply twice.  I replied earlier in the day, but saw no evidence of the post going through.  So I am trying once again.  Thanks for your recent blog, Jamie.  It is gratifying to read that progress is being made, no matter how small!  Your mom put it wisely when she wrote that you were back to baby steps . And each step planted counts, no matter how wobbly or uncertain.  Even a fall is progress, as your body uses it to recalculate!  And our brains continue to learn as we sleep, so lack of any discernib

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  Rick Cullis

Being patient is extra tough the longer it takes, but at least your going in the right direction and you recognize that.  Keep on keeping on!

  Jamie Nott
April 17 2019

So just realized its been a while since I have sent an update out, so here is the latest....

Saw my ongologist on April 3rd and he had a quick look at my throat and he is happy to say he doesn't seem any cancer in my throat, that doesn't mean I still don't have cancer just doesn't see any at this time. We now have a date for my CT scan, it will be May 3rd and then will have a phone call with my oncologist a week later to find out the results of that scan. I will also have a PET scan in the middle of July then a meeting again with my oncologist end of April so still sometime before I can fully

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Jamie sounds like you are coming along glade things are getting better and that Kim has been a big help,now each day can only get better ❤️


Glad you are getting your calories in. Just make a game of it and that should help.  I do that with my steps. I’m nowhere near 10,000 a day, but I just try to do more than I did the day before (even if it’s only one more.  You are lucky to have a wife like Kelly.  I’d love to meet her if you ever come East.  Take care my friend.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  Jamie Nott
March 24 2019

Well its been just over a month now that I finished my radiation treatment and I am doing pretty good this past week except for the mystery of my good arm getting messed up some how. My right arm which is the arm that wasn't affected by the cancer all of a sudden when I woke up on last Saturday couldn't move in the shoulder with out a lot of pain, I had about 5% movement. Went and saw my family doctor as the Tom Baker team thats been getting me through my cancer treatments thought that is where I should start as it wasn't cancer related. Saw her and she thinks its a bicep tendon issue and I go

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  Jamie Nott
March 13 2019

So tomorrow will be 3 weeks since my last radiation treatment and life has gotten a little easier to deal with. I am able to swallow with almost next to no pain but that is still part and partial due to the long lasting morphine I am on twice a day. I tried coming off it last Thursday as i was feeling like I didn't need it, well that day went to hell in a hand bag quick. I had a good morning that day with my feed and had the home nurse come by to change the bandage on my nose that holds my NG tube in place so it doesn't go in further or come out. She moved it so i wasn't sitting in the same sp

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  Rick Cullis

Sounds positive. Good to hear. Makes it easier to hang in and keep on.


Awesome to hear Jamie! Hopefully things will be even better this week!


I'm happy to hear your getting better Jamie.  I am amazed to hear how strong you are fighting  this. Saty strong brother. Love ya.


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