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A method for penis enlargement develops by an American physician

Doctor Johny Hendrix, a urologist, University of UCLA, after years of professional and experimental testing of different methods has invented a method which can enlarge penis without the use of medications. The American doctor who has spent his childhood in Arizona now lives in California, and has managed to treat over 10,000 American men over the last few years with his method, and can make his clients' penis grow from 3-8 cm.

We went to Dr. Hendrix office in California to gather some information about this innovative method.

-please introduce yourself?

-Dr. Johny Hendrix Born in 1964 in Arizona and a urologist at UCLA, I am currently working in California.

-when did you invent this method?

-In fact, I started researching from the beginning of work as a urologist because I realized that the biggest problem of my clients was the fact that their penis were small congenitally. Therefore, from the outset, I decided to spend my professional life on this. After years of efforts, I finally succeeded to design a perfect method to help men of all ages increase their penis size.

-What was the average length of your customers' penis?

-12 centimeters

-Did THEY think their penis is too small or you thought so?

-According to women's vaginal anatomy, 12 centimeters is a bit small to cause enough pressure and make women reach orgasm.

-tell us about the right size?

- I cannot say an exact size, because the genital anatomy of women is different, but 18 cm can be an ideal size.

-Is there any medicine to increase the size of penis?

-No, those that are being advertised are commercial and do not have any effects.

-tell us about your method and how many centimeters in length it can enlarge the penis?

-The method I have invented does not require any medicine. You should be familiar with the anatomy of the penis to get full understanding of this method. The penis has a sponge tissue that has some interior compartments. When the man is excited, blood enters here with high pressure, causing enlargement and stiffening of the penis. Therefore, the only way to enlarge the penis is to enlarge the compartments and make them grow again. However, the problem is that the cell-making process of sponge tissues stops after age 17. Therefore, I had to find a way for it. It took years and I tested different methods on my clients. Some methods had little impact. However, after years of trial and error, I succeeded to devise certain movements, which can make the sponge tissue cell re-grow and the compartments becomes larger and hence the size of the penis becomes larger.

- Was this method successful for your clients? How many centimeters did their penises grow?

-Yes. Depending on the body of each person, but at least 3 centimeters and the largest increase in size I observed was 8 centimeters in length and 3 centimeters in diameter. However, the average increase in size was 5 centimeters and most of my clients experienced more than 5 centimeters increase in penis.

Does this method have any age limit?

Yes, the strongest impact is for individuals between 15- 50 years of age. After 50, this progress will be slower. This method has an extraordinary effect on the erection and people who did these techniques had a much better erection than before.

How much time does this method take?

The mechanism of this method is in a way that its results can be evaluated monthly. As I said before, the amount of progress depends on the body of the person. The smallest increase in size was 3 mm in length and the maximum increase in size was 5 cm in a month. However, the complete treatment period is 6 months to achieve the desired results.

-Is this increase in size reversible?

-No. The sponge tissue is different from the muscle tissue and is not reversible. Then, when the size is increased, it does not return to the previous state.

- There must be numerous people who are ready to try this method, can you afford it?

-Actually, this was one of my greatest challenges, because after many people discovered about this method, they rushed into my office, and the turns were usually reserved for up to 6 months. Therefore, I decided to make the special instructions available on the internet in form of a pamphlet and video tutorial for all applicants from all over the world.

-How was the feedback to this?

-It was great, more than what we expected. We now have clients from 180 countries in the world that receive this guide and send us their own progress reports.

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