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Patrick Dan


Cancer because of Printing Processes and Printing inks

Around the globe cancer lies at the second position among the disease with a high mortality rate in humans. until now various kinds of cancer have discovered in many parts of the world. Around the world lungs cancer cancer of large intestine, mammary gland cancer, cancer of prostate gland, skin cancer and the cancer of stomach are the most frequent types. But all these do not become a reason for death. the death-causing neoplasm squad includes malignant neoplasm of lungs colorectal deadly neoplastic disease malignant neoplasm of the liver stomach cancer and cancer of mammary glands.

Almost every walk of life has a specific kind of cancer and cancer in the printing industry also becomes in the same category. research studies have provided data about the occupational risks of malignant neoplasm in humans. the facts and figures reveal that the printing industry has a high-risk level in occupational illness. respiratory organs and bladder cancer in the printing industry are more common and also considered as the essential reason for the patients expiry.

Chances of cancer in printing industry

the research on the topic of ailments due to various occupations has revealed that the individual employed in the printing business are highly in danger of being a victim of cancerous lungs illness. occasionally people display indications of cancer of organs other than lungs for instance urinary tract especially bladder neoplasm. in the printing ecosystem various chemical elements and to some magnitude the radiations are in high percentages. for being in contact with these elements for a long period enhances the chance of lethal ailment in employees. 

Causes of cancer in printing industry

Investigation and studies are the primary sources to identify the reasons of disease and the much of investigation has done for the malignant neoplastic disease cases that are reported in the publication business and resulted in mortality. An evidential reason for it is the ink utilized for printing and the inorganic oil that is an essential component of its fabrication. The long term exposure to these two major components often resulted in lung neoplastic disease and cancer of urinary bladder occasionally.

According to Print In London a London based print shop 15% of the litho print workers have cancer related issue.

Publication involves several types of ink and procedures. In the manufacture of publication inks, three main elements are colour element, vehicles and additives. The colour elements include organic and inorganic pigments, for example, carbon black and titanium dioxide. All these elements passed through various procedures for producing ink for printing. 

During this procedure, the workers come in physical touch with these chemicals for a long time may result as carcinogenic for them. The ink components are revealed to be carcinogenic through skin connection and inhalation activity in printing and manufacturing atmosphere, which saturated with these elements.

Causes of cancer in bookbinders

The most significant reason for cancer in bookbinders is also printing ink ingredients. Although, bookbinders do not stay in the printing areas and ink manufacture areas; they remain in contact with ink printed on different material during their binding duties. Printing ink includes the chemical pigments and some organic solvents that evaporate at the room temperature. It happens during the ink drying and continues while binding.

The long exposure of bookbinders to such toxic element causes different types of cancers. Lung cancer is more frequent because the fumes of ink elements affect working through respiration. Keeping all these facts in mind, minimization of mineral oils use advised to make the printing industry safer and lowering the cancer risk.

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