Josh Weinstein
35 Months Remission
Just wanted to share that Josh went through cancer follow up at Stanford Yesterday and is atill holding his Remission. On August 11 he will be three years cancer free. Now there are some concerns about late effects of chemo that were found on PFT but we and we have to look into that. Yet i want you all to know that we stay hopeful and positive every day and work toward a complete recovery. 
Josh is now a sophmore at CAL with a double major in MCB(pre-med) and Fine Art. Its very tough and a daily challange but so worth every moment of hard work knowing that he is passionate about what he is...
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  Josh Weinstein
My last Day of High School is Here..
Its so hard for me to grasp that i made it . Honestly was not sure that i would just 21 months ago.
It was really important for me to do my all to get the best grades that i could.
A big part of that reason was to prove to myself and others on this journey that Cancer treatment does not have to beat you down. Yes i had and have my struggles post treatment.
But i am ending ap with all A's including AP courses after the final semester of a highly competitive high school. It has been worth all of the hard work that i have put into it these past months.I can honestly say now that cancer does not...
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  Josh Weinstein
Go Bears!
Yes its true. After much deliberation i chose UC Berkeley. I plan to do a double major in Molecular Cell Biology and ART...
They are both very real parts of who i am so i want to learn and experience all that i can about both. 

Berkeley is very close to my oncologists at Stanford so i will continue to be monitered at the same hospital.
I have tests coming up in June...not going to think about that till it happens..
For now i am focusing on getting the best grades that i can for my final semseter of high school. Hoping to get all A's this semester..Its important for me to prove to myself that i...
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  Josh Weinstein
This morning i had surgery on my wisdom teeth. Its quite painful but the news we received has taken the edge off the pain in a huge way at leas for now.
I was admitted to UC Berkeley..College of Letters and Sciences as a major in molecular and cell biology. My mom and i are so so happy about this. UCLA and now Berkeley..who would have thought after waging a war with cancer...
Part of my own personal goal is to show other cancer patients be they teens of young adults that cancer does not have to get in your way of living  life on your own terms..Never Ever give up on your dreams..
more to...
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  Josh Weinstein
Dear Friends..
Its been way too long sinch i last posted here!
First i want to share that i am sill in remission. however my bloodwork does not look great and we are working on that part..
More important is that i was accepted to UCLA as a Biology Major tonite!!
I am over he moon happy about that as is my mom..
I also made it into UCI earlier this week..
UCLA had 90,000 applicants this year and they are said o be the toughest school in the nation to get into his year..
We are waiting to hear from Berkeley and Stanford at the end of next week as well as USC..

I am also getting my wisdom teeth...
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  Josh Weinstein
Public speaking event,,
Josh and i were asked to speak at a local highschool about his journey through cancer. It is the 1st of several talks that we will be doing. I am hoping that Josh will enjoy this experience Our reason for agreeing to do it is to help raise awareness about Hodkgins Lymphoma as well  the treatment and recovery process..
We are continuing to write our book and hope to be finished with it by the end of this year. We hope to be able to publish it early next year. 
Josh has finished the application process for college for next year . Now we wait for the results:) It is a blessing to anticiapte...
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  Josh Weinstein
Keep Moving On...   is the link to my website. I made Tshirts from painting that i created during chemo and radiation as a way of raising awarness of lymphoma,donating to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and also a creatvie opportuntiy to make a little bit of money for college (i hope)

If you like what you see or know fo anyone that might need a holiday gift for themsleves of a loved one..could you please this along to them.?

i am learnign to be proactive about what i believe in. and i do believe that what i am trying to do is a good thing. so far i have not had the...
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  Josh Weinstein
Thoughts about the journey of writing "Surviv
Its Monday..creating a plan for the week to fit in daily writing for our book. This really does seem like a pregnancy in that we envision what our book will look like when it is finally delivered and do participate in the daily "exercise and nutrition consumption" that will aid in developing this baby into a healthy and happy book...:)

Sometimes when i recall the earlier parts of our journey through the nightmare that cancer brought to our lives, i just cry and cry. Tears of joy, relief, sorrow, pain a lot of emotions buried for way too long. Writing and hoping that this book will become a...
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  Josh Weinstein

Please check out my new website where i will be posting Tshirts that i have created as well as my paintings..!!

I would welcome your feedback.,,

Lots to tell..i will write to you very soon

Warm wishes


  Josh Weinstein
My "Make a Wish Trip" to Oaho, Hawaii
My mom and i just got back late last nite from a week in Oahu. It was a week filled with moments i will treasure forever. The best part for me was that cancer felt like a distant nightmare. I felt normal and happy for the very first time in over 2 years. Mom and i had alot fo fun on the beach. I went surfing for the first time on my life and really enjoyed it a ton, We talked alot about ourselves and our hopes for the future. It was easy to do that in Hawaii. We also made good progress on our upcoming book "Shattered Lives" I enjoyed painting on teh beach and eating fresh fruits and local...
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