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  Kevin Hull
Kevin Hull

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Whether you’re a newly diagnosed cancer patient, caregiver, or loved one, discover insights that inspire through shared wisdom that comes from having ‘been there.’

My Story

Last updated: Mar 29 2014

Thank you for visiting this site - it will be our attempt to provide updated information on the progress of Kevin\'s journey through surgery and to the goal of being declared free of cancer.

**Please REGISTER as a guest to receive an email whenever Kevin does a \"Connecting Update\" and you can also visit the \"Helping Calendar\" to find out when we might need a sitter or love to have you bring over dinner and visit.**

We\'re definitely still learning as we go, so thanks for your patience, your support, and most of all, your love for me and my family.

Please share Imerman\'s Angels with anyone who is beginning their own journey and thank you for sharing with us.

My story is still unfolding: on Friday January 28, 2011, the night before our annual Deck the Hulls party, I went into Northwestern Memorial Hospital with indications of an enlarged left testicle - no pain, but of a different size enough for me to be worried. I went to get it checked out... and I am glad I did.

The ultra-sound clearly showed the left was needing to be removed, with the right under scrutiny through scans by CT and MRI, and blood tests conducted multiple times over a ten-day period to see what trajectory my blood proteins were taking to determine the level of cancer in my system.

Surgery on Feb 14 was successful and now we\'re praying my blood levels return to \'normal\' to determine next steps...

visit the \"Connecting Updates\" page for more recent information - thanks for all your support!

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