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How to Fight Allergy Problems at Home

Allergies are getting more and more widespread in recent years. Be it pollen allergy or allergy to domestic dust, everyone bears a bother of the like. Some allergies affect our daily lives more than others. For example, if I am lactose intolerant I could just avoid eating milk, while people who are allergic to domestic dust, on the other hand, need to keep their house clean all the time and that might not be enough. That is why, fighting allergies at home is crucial to one's well-being. Let us now look at some of the best ways to tackle the issue of allergies in a domestic environment.

Remember, your room needs to get fresh air every now and then. If you live in a metropolitan city, be sure to use an air conditioner and change its filters often. To make the AC more effective use a HEPA filter instead of a regular one as HEPA filters are able to trap small particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and even tobacco smoke. Asthma triggers are sure to be kept away from your home when you also use a dehumidifier to avoid the growth of dust mites, mold and mildew.

And though air purifiers might be an expensive solution to many, there is a way to fight home allergens accessible to each and every one of us - namely, indoor activities. Do stretches, run in one place, jump etc. and you will raise your tonus enabling your body to heal faster and tackling different allergy symptoms more efficiently. Start small and don't overstrain yourself! Otherwise your body mechanisms shall focus on recovering your power rather than fighting with your allergy.

Get a good night sleep

Furthermore, we all know that a good sleep after a long and tiring day is just the thing we need to be up and running the next day. In the same way we need to remember to spare some time to recover from allergy symptoms - whether it is itching, heavy cramps or diarrhea. This is especially important for allergies that affect our skin. For example, there are some people who are allergic to chocolate or peanuts and their body reacts to the allergy by forming pimples on their faces. For this skin to heal, gain back its moisture and good looks not expensive products are needed, rather - a nice night's sleep. On the other hand, lack of sleep can multiply the production of the stress hormone - cortisol, resulting in worsening the allergic symptoms.

All in all, we need not forget that allergies are not something we face only outdoors but also indoors. That's why one has to take measures to fight allergies even at home. Keeping the air in your house or apartment is especially important when it comes to sorting allergies out. Though it may be expensive to take the step towards proper ventilation in the big cities, one should at least try to do indoor activities and get enough sleep so as to get the upper hand in the fight against allergies.

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