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Best review of Nootropics or Smart Supplements

What is the meaning of Nootropics? For those not in the know yet, Nootropics are modern supplements intended to boost up brain function. They are popularly known as “smart drugs”. Surveys have shown that students of leading universities have used these so-called smart drugs to power up their brain. Employees in leading companies have also found the supplements a great help in pushing up their brain levels.

Nootropics is actually an umbrella term that covers cognitive enhancer supplements. However, they DO differ from the brain jolt given by coffee or other dangerous substances. The brain supplements are there for boosting up brainpower minus the health risks.

The brain supplements are a class all by themselves. Their main focus is to enhance the cognitive power of the brain. The smart drug promises to increase the power of memory, attention spans, focus, and concentration. This is probably the reason for calling them “smart drugs” in the first place.

People who have experienced taking Nootropics gained extra brain benefits with increased mental energy, intelligence, and motivation. The mechanism of action brought about by the different Nootropics brands and names are similar. The ingredients found in the supplements are there to enhance communication between brain neurons. This brings on a balance in the neurotransmitter levels resulting in better health for the brain cells.

This is why it is imperative to select the right Nootropics supplement when you need that extra boost in your brain power. Here is an honest review of the different Nootropics brand out in the market to help you decide on the best one to opt for.

Memotenz Review

The Health Research Institute has done it again with the creation of this winning nootropic supplement. The company has been known for other effective health supplements and Memotenz is their answer for brain enhancement. The supplement promises to enhance brain power information retrieval, learning, and information storage.


  • Ingredients used strikes a balance between short-term and long-term brain boost performance
  • Fairly priced
  • Includes Bacopa monnieri, a proven ingredient for brain peak performance
  • Includes ginkgo, a powerful aid for short-term and long-term memory retention
  • One of the top cognitive enhancer brands


  • Can only be purchased through their official website

True Focus Review

Improved mental performance is the claim True Focus offers to potential users. True Focus is a dietary supplement that is marketed as a nootropic because it has components that help to increase the accuracy and thinking speed of the brain. Deep focus and longer attention spans are also benefits gained from the use of the supplement.


  • Includes Ginkgo which is a proven brain enhancer
  • Proven ingredients for maintaining mental wellness for longer periods
  • Widely distributed in supermarkets and stores
  • Fairly priced


  • Amino acids formula should have been L-Glutamine or Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • Gingko ingredients far below recommended levels
  • Very basic ingredients which cannot be an effective aid for short-term mental need

Cognifen Review

Focus, enhanced memory and feel-good mood are the claims for this nootropic supplement. The formula is all-natural and the capsules are vegetarian-friendly. The product contains stress-busting minerals and vitamins.


  • Fairly priced at $49 for 30 days supply
  • Easy to swallow
  • Vegan-friendly capsules
  • Richly packed with vitamins and minerals


  • Needs two caps daily to achieve maximum results
  • Takes as long as 14 days before the effect is felt
  • Additives added may lead to side-effects
  • Includes too many additives

MagMind Review

MagMind only contains one ingredient that claims to enhance brain health while increasing levels of memory and cognition. The product claims to give other benefits such as enhanced sleep, relaxation, and stress reduction. Magnesium is the only listed ingredient in this supplement.


  • The product claims that the magnesium content also aids other medical conditions such as indigestion, high blood pressure, and constipation
  • Magnesium has been shown to dramatically improve overall mental performance
  • Available in brick and mortar and online stores


  • Quite expensive for a single ingredient supplement
  • Price variations from different sources
  • Magnesium overload for some people who get their magnesium daily allowance from their diet
  • High doses of magnesium have not proven its worth in brain performance levels

Quiet Mind Plus Review

Quiet Mind is a controversial supplement processed from a stolen and recreated formula that was meant to cure tinnitus. Tinnitus is a medical condition that produces an irritating and constant ringing sound. Taking Quite Mind can produce a dramatic cure in 3 days. As the supplement supports the auditory cortex, it also aids brain cell regeneration.


  • Claims to improve tinnitus and the auditory cortex


  • The controversy over the stolen formula that has yet to be proven
  • Quite expensive
  • The only source of information is by a video rife with unproven claims
  • The medical librarian’s picture that supposedly stole and recreated the formula is a stock photo

Focus Power Review

The ability to stay focused along with longer attention spans are the claims made by Focus Power. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are the medical conditions that can be prevented with the long-term use of this supplement. It is because of the improvement of the brain’s blood circulation that is aided by the formula’s ingredients.


  • Contains proven brain enhancers such as Carnitine and gingko biloba
  • Fairly priced at $26.97 for a 60-day supply


  • The inclusion of Huperzine A may produce potential side effects such as slurred speech and blurry vision
  • The cheap price is somehow inconsistent with the ingredients used in the formula

In closing

Do Nootropics really work? Based on consumer reviews, the supplement works only when it contains proven true brain enhancer ingredients. The use of clinically tested ingredients such as gingko biloba, Carnitine, and other forms of amino acids in a supplement are the ones that deliver on the brain power claim. It may be well to research the ingredients and their dosages before hitting on the best of the lot.

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