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Which is Better to Use Headphone or Earphone

Almost everyone uses earphones or headphones to listen to songs or any other types of digital media. But when it comes to choosing between earphones or headphones, a lot of people fails to make a decision on a logical basis. And they end up comparing the two things on the basis of price. In this post, we will throw some light on which one to choose between earphones or headphones.

As we all know, earphones are inserted into the ears to listen to music. While on the other hand, headphones are used around the ears or over the head to enjoy listening to any sort of sound media. Here are some of the points on the basis of which you can make a choice whether to use earphones or headphones in your daily usage.

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Distortion in Sound - The first factor which matters in choosing between earphones or headphones is the amount of distortion in the phone sound. It is also known as a frequency response curve. Headphones usually produce less distortion as compared to earphones. Everyone wants to have the same response to all the frequencies and hence it would be better if a person opts for headphones. The specification of a device should be kept in mind before buying it as there is a lot of variabilities available in the market these days.

Frequency Response - When it comes to comparing the two on the basis of pitch range or frequency response, then one has to take a great care while buying a device. Earphones have less pitch range as compared to headphones. But the thing which a person needs to take into consideration is human hearing ability and range. No one hears too low or too high so one can buy a device which ranges between 20 Hz to 20 KHz. This would include all the frequencies that a person can hear as this is the domain of human hearing ability.

Noise Removal - Another factor which matters a lot in deciding the right hearing device is its noise isolation capacity. No one likes to hear a sound other than what he is excited for. So, noise from the environment should be isolated successfully by a device from the useful sound. Earphones have a great power to remove noise from the original sound and only provide the useful sounds to our ears. Headphones have less capability to do so and hence it is better to use earphone to get a clear sound. Earphones are inserted completely inside the ear and hence there is no chance for external noise to come inside the ears.

Noise Cancellation - It means the extra signal-processing that a device does to cancel noise before supplying the final sound. Headphones are said to have a better noise cancellation than earphones. This is simply because of the fact that it has wider space to accommodate more electronic components. Hence, it produces a clean sound when on its usage. Earphones also offer noise cancellation facility but you will have to buy costly earphones for that.

So, these are the various factors on which one can decide whether to use headphones or earphones. All you need to understand is that every person has its own criteria to decide and budget as well as quality plays a crucial role in making a person to choose between the two.

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