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  Roberta Aberle
Roberta Aberle
Aiming to be an Exception to the Statistics!
Next Step in Robert's Journey - Carbon Purification

I just wanted to let you know that Birdie's ashes have been successfully purified into pure carbon graphite! The next step in this process will be visiting with the lab in Amsterdam. Adelle's partner, Garrett videoed the opening of her carbon crucibles so you could see her carbon for the first time with us. See here:

To prepare the carbon for growth, they mill it into a fine powder, which is the starter material for the diamond.

The closure of this phase is a big and exciting milestone! Hope you have a wonderful week, and I will keep you posted as she continues through this journey! The next post will be when Roberta arrives in Amsterdam

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Roberta is on her way

Hello Friends,

Quick and exciting update from Eterneva - Roberta is currently at our lab in Pennsylvania and has officially begun the carbon purification stage!

A bit about carbon purification….

During this phase, we're isolating the carbon from all the other elements found in hair and ashes. Less than 5% of the remains are made up of carbon and it takes us many weeks of work to purify and extract it. The end result is a purified carbon graphite, which is the starter material for the diamond!

I've attached a picture of Roberta's custom carbon crucible that her ashes will be purified in. As you can see, we transferred them in there and will be sealing the crucible up for purification.

Carbon purification is a couple-month stage, and then she'll be traveling back to us in Austin to prepare her carbon for the growth stage. I'll make sure to video the opening of her crucible so we can see the purified carbon together ?

Also a little news about Eterneva, the company I am working with. Adelle, the women who I have been communicating with was recently named one of the top 30 under 30 in INC. Magazine...this is quite an accomplishment. Adelle is wise beyond her years and is an old sole that has been on the earth before...perfect fit for Roberta :-)

I will keep the updates coming... this is an amazing journey!!!!

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Memories of Better time

Today is the 144th running of the Kentucky Derby. 1 year ago today, here we were after yet another surgery at the My Life Line Jockeys, Juleps & Jazz fund raising event. In true Roberta fashion, she mustered up the strength to attend this event which was so very meaningful to her. Then there is the Rolling Bar....Since she was still recovering from her surgery and not at full strength, Hard to hold a drink and move through the silent auction items, she put her drink on her Walker, From there the Drinks kept getting put o her walker, thus becoming a Rolling Bar....Even in the face of adversity, we always still managed to find something to laugh about and bring a smile.

Cheers Baby!!!!

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  Roberta Aberle
Update, Roberta's Journey

So it's been an interesting few weeks since the last post. We had Roberta's Internment on April 2nd....The weather in Fort Collins just the day before was snow and cold...of course the day of the internment...Sunny, Warm and Beautiful ....Just like my sweet girl!!!! Here is a picture of her Marker, just like Roberta, Unique...The Rock the bronze butterfly is mounted on is from one of our many trips. Thank you to everyone that joined use...a special thanks to Roger,Jen Jansen, Eileen, April & Mike, Jill and Jenn & Gary, for taking the time to be there for me and also celebrating Roberta's birthday with a few Shot's of a Burt Reynold's...Haaa!!!!

So Roberta has started her journey to becoming a Diamond In the Rough....She is first being sent to Pennsylvania to purify the Carbon from her Ashes. Adelle, has then provided a schedule of the next few month's..I have also met with our Jeweler, John Purvis III....He and his Wife Pam and truly wonderful people. I had Roberta's engagement Ring and Wedding Ring custom made at Purvis and now we will be customizing my wedding Ring to incorporate Roberta in the ring...She will be forever with me Spiritually and now Physically....

Here is the schedule...I will be adding some content as we get to each schedule point.

  • Stage one: ashes purification at our carbon lab in Pennsylvania
  • Stage two: diamond cultivation at our lab in Amsterdam
  • Stage three: diamond cutting & polishing
  • Stage four: diamond grading and certification at IGI USA
  • Stage five: diamond packaging and delivery

Safe Travels My Love!!!

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  Roberta Aberle
The start of a new journey

Today Is Roberta's birthday...April Fools Day and also Easter. No this is not an April fools joke. Today starts a new journey for Roberta since she passed 5 months ago. Thank all of you for your support for the last 5 months...It has helped me so much and Roberta left me with a tremendous amount of wonderful people in my life to help guide me through the process, So THANK YOU ALL. We are celebrating her Birthday and are having her internment tomorrow at Rest haven in Fort Collins. So appropriate that her Birthday this year falls on Easter, the day of resurrection.

As you all remember, we had a number of Urn Vials filled and Roberta's ashes and has been on a Journey all over the world starting with Mumbai and has been to the Dominican, the Caribbean, Tampa Bay, Clearwater Beach, Hawaii and will be going to Europe this summer and to Greece along with many other places that she wanted to travel to.

To continue her honor, I started a new journey for Roberta this weekend. I am having some of her Ashes turned into a Diamond. This will be an 8 month process and I am planning on journaling this process on My Life Line as this is a special event made for special people. I have reached out to a company called Eterneva The founder Adelle has been amazing and an immediate connection was made. She has been so kind with her time and really getting to know Roberta. Once the diamond is finished, I will have the diamond set into my Wedding Ring, so I will always have her with me.

I thought I would also take this opportunity to let everyone know that I have put off Roberta's Celebration at the lake until June or July. The weather is just not cooperating and will be a little nicer in the Summer and a little more fitting to be by the lake. I will continue to update on My Life Line of the upcoming event.

I will close for now, hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and beyond the Easter Bunny, hiding Eggs for the Kids and of course Peeps that Roberta loved so much, please remember the true meaning of Easter. Be kind to one another and live life to the fullest.

Be Well, Much Love!!!


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Pics please!!!

Just a quick update to ask that all pictures, videos, etc... be sent to Aly NLT this Friday, November 24th please. Her email is:

Thank you, and I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone on the 9th!

Love, Jenn


New Calendar Event
Celebration of Life for My Lovely Roberta
Please Join us at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, CO in the West Canyon Room on December 9, 2017 from 4pm - 7pm to celebrate Roberta's Life. Come, Reminisce, enjoy a few Libations, Food and Music.... This event has one date:
• Saturday, Dec. 9
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In Honor of my Beautiful Baby Girl, Roberta

As we start the process of planning Roberta's Celebration of Life and all the other details, I have attached a link to Roberta's Electronic Obituary. Unfortunately you will have to cut and paste this to your browser. When you have a moment, please take a look and maybe sign the guest book. We will also be doing a Obituary in the paper both the Denver Post and the Fort Collins Paper. We need 100% Confirmation from the Lincoln Center first before this goes to print. We are meeting with them tomorrow.

Obituary link: Https://

We have also planned to have the Celebration of Life at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins on December 9th from 3pm - 7 Pm. This is so fitting as Roberta loved the performing arts. We will be providing more details as we firm thing's up, but this will be an event fitting to Roberta, Drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic, Food, Music, a history of her life (which could go on for days but we will cut it down a little) This is also a Saturday, so we may also end up continuing at a bar somewhere well into the night in typical Roberta fashion. I will be contacting the Marriott in Downtown Fort Collins and getting a block of rooms for the night December 8th and December 9th for people that might be flying in. the rate is very reasonable, something like $104.00 a night. We look forward to seeing everyone and reminiscing and recalling stories form her life.

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Planning for Roberta's Celebration of Life

Hello friends!

It is time to ask for your help... We are in the planning phase for Roberta's Celebration of Life and need for you to send us pictures that you would like to be included in the slideshow. So please gather all of your pictures that reflect your fondest memories and send them to Aly at:

We will have more information about the Celebration soon, so stay tuned!

  Roberta Aberle
My Story

If you are reading this document, I have earned my Teal Wings and departed this life. Remember to tell everyone that while I wasn't ready to leave, I did not fear death.

Below are some concepts/preferences for my Celebration of Life service. As that conveys, I do not want it to be called a funeral or memorial, but a Celebration of Life!

Ideally, there would be 2 events, one in Ft. Collins and one at our Reservoir. My preference for location in FoCo, is also the Lincoln Center or The Vineyard where we held Brenda's service.

I would like for people to come to my Celebration of Life, wearing a color of tribute for cancer awareness: Teal, Purple, Orange or Yellow; or the color of that cancer which has touched them. I want it to be a sea of color, like it was for Cinnamon's mom. At the gathering afterward, I want it festive, with colors galore!

I want great memories to be shared, expect some tears to be shed, but for the celebration to conclude on a note of laughter and joy. I hope to talk to these people in advance, but I would be honored if the following would share a favorite story or memory as my service:

David ~ my adoring husband, pls share our crazy adventures & travels, and how we laughed every day we were together

Sylvia ~ talk about our childhood and mutual love of music and reconnecting our group after all these years

Mike D ~your support for my health and treatments and capturing the moments of the journey

Box ~ about how fabulous it is to sustain friendships over a lifetime

Gina ~ about how new friendships can be as powerful as those that have existed over time

Jenn ~ about professional growth and finally realizing that career is always secondary to relationships

Aly ~ music and memorial presentation, photos, let's get more videos done. I want a brief, 3-4 min photo montage set to songs Aly knows are essential. Then to have a longer set with music just like for your Papa. Jenn can help with PowerPoint if needed.

Eileen ~ jewelry display, each guest is welcome to take a piece that they will remember me by

Brenda ~ outfit display, each guest is welcome to take a piece that they will remember me by (hats, scarves, shoes, dresses)

Nancy ~ help with coordination, flow from service to reception

April - book display, my favorite books, each guest is welcome to take a title that they will remember me by

Jill & Roger - help with Celebration of Life programs and communication and distribution of the satchels of my ashes to the 50 people who will take them to various destinations and spread my ashes there.

I like how some services have had a favorite jacket or jersey on display, of course, for me, it should be some of my favorite fun dresses, complete with hat or scarf, jewelry and shoes.

Please do encourage a gathering after the Celebration of Life at a conveniently located bar. Have a good n dirty martini poured for me and put it in a table or area where everyone is congregating.

I strongly desire that this footage or at minimum the wording be read at my Memorial Service

Moving Art by Louie Schwartzburg


Annenberg Learning

Music to play for the celebration or a picture montage or presentation is on my YouTube page as Tribute Music. Lindsey Sterling]s rendition of Hallelujah. There are also 2 songs from Les Miserable that have relevance, I hope to find them before this. Aly is more than willing to help with the photos and the music, for that, I could reprieve her from having to speak at my celebration as a tradeoff!! Love you doll!

Aly can do the background music and photos, but it would be great to partner her with someone who knows how to create a Powerpoint presentation to music, slide transitions, etc. since it will be a tearful project for her. Play what videos of me you like. Dale or Lauri should have the video of me doing the bungee jumping at the Greeley Stampede, {damn, scratch that, I do not want them involved in any way} but the clip of me singing or speaking at the Holiday Palooza that David has and some FB live videos.

Before this all happens, I hope to add Skype clips to my Lifeline site, but if not, I hope that some videos of some of me laughing and enjoying life can be used. I can assure you that as I transform to my new existence, I will be laughing and enjoying my metamorphosis.

The conclusion of a movie called A Little Bit of Heaven with Kate Hudson has her friends and family celebrating her life with a New Orleans themed trio, umbrellas, streamers and champagne. While I am not a New Orleans fan, I am a fan of New Year's Eve, so that could be a substitute theme.

I loved Tim Rickett's service where people just spoke from the heart about cherished memories or specific traits, likes and desires. I would hope that people remember me for my writing, my advocacy for cancer patients, for my penchant to always stir the pot, my outgoing nature and bizarre experiences in my life, my clumsiness, but also my spirit and attitude. Be sure that everyone knows I fought cancer as hard as I could, but there comes a point where you give over not give up, not give in. If my parents survive me, there are some documents that I have written and want to be sent to them a few months after I have gone.

Their grief will be magnified and I fear my Father in particular will lose all faith and give over. I will watch for his gentle appearance in our eternity to come.

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The post I never wanted to write

Hi everybody -

While it was noted in the previous post that there was hope for optimism, there was also the possibility of a turn for the worse. Sadly, the worst has now come.

We've been in crisis mode since Sunday night. Roberta fell getting out of bed at midnight, then woke up Monday morning with a major nosebleed caused by her blood thinners.

The situation has escalated substantially since then. After her strokes it was discovered that the cancer had spread aggressively and invaded more ofher liver. As a result of that, Roberta has gone into liver failure, her organs are shutting down, and we have rapidly moved into the final phase of her battle, a battle she has fought so admirably and valiantly these past six years.

I'm sorry we couldn't have shared this news earlier but we have been focused 100% on her options the past few days. Unfortunately, the time for options has passed and our dear Roberta is now in the final hours of her battle.

I thank you all for your love and support as Roberta has waged this fight. Everything you've all done has meant so much to her, and to me. I look forward to thanking each of you personally but for the next while we're asking that you respect our privacy as we care for Roberta as a family in the final stages of her journey.

Thank you,


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