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Lorraine Robinson


Lorraine's Sign Up Calendar

Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Please be sure to go to Lorraine's main page to see how she is doing today.( This website is specifically for you all to sign up to help Lorraine and the family. You can sign up on any day to bring meals, to help around the house, or just to visit. This way, Lorraine can see when all of us are coming and going and, hopefully we can coordinate our meals and other help. Just click on the "Helping Calendar" link, then click on the box marked "Add or Edit an Event". Then you can type in your name and whether you plan to bring a meal, help with housework, visit, or whatever you are able to do in the Event Description box. Choose the correct date and add the time, if you want to. Thanks for your help and support! Check below for tips on favorite foods. Preferred Meals: Foods low in salt, whole grain pastas and breads, no msg, no hydrogenated oils, no transfats, no high fructose corn syrup. ***Please note: Fruit is especially appreciated and the more blueberries, the better!

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