Stephanie Sugars
Welcome, dear friends and guests!


Hello Stephanie -

I'm, responding to your broken/mended plate post, If you are into reading novels, there is, what I think,, a wi=oderful, somewhat fanciful novel, "Broken for You", all about breaking and mending and letting go and loving and full of such far out people, you have to believe because no one could imagine such a crew. Thinking of you withhealing thoughts and much love, Shira


Dearest Stephanie, You have ridden this life wave so beautifully, like a flower on moving water. May it guide you gently, peacefully, even joyfully into your next adventure and home in the One.

With much love,



Response to Sept 1 post:

My hope is that you develop one of these end of life situaiton (or another that no one has ever seen before because that would just fit the trajectory of your life) and it's something that is nearly pain free -- something that doesn't take a lot of energy to handle physically or emotionally. Whichever it is, whatever it is, there's a mantra for it: This too will pass.

For me, the worst of the physical stuff I've had to deal with was vastly easier to handle when I felt surrounded by love and with people I knew loved me nearby. I believe you have set that situation in motion for yourself and I have a lot of confidence that it will bring you that love when you most need it.

Oh yes, and the self love you've developed too. You always have that to call upon as you jump into the wave.

May it be a gentle long swell that gracefully takes you out of your body and into the next interesting layer of reality.

Love you forever.

I so appreciate your blogs. Loving you and holding you in my mind.


Stephanie, you don't know me and we will never meet. I live in Northern Scotland and have been having treatment for breast cancer these past seven months. Apparently my treatment was successful, but I know that the cancer my return at any time. I have discovered your site through the amazing power of the Internetand want you to know what a huge comfort your words and beautiful pictures have been to me. Your loving kindness and beautiful soul just shine through in everything. You are gorgeous, and you have such strength that it spills over and gives strength to others. May you continue to be happy, comfortable and serene whether it is for two weeks, four months or into infinity. XX


Your writing is encouraging and enlightening. You are a gift to me.

Sweet Stephanie,

Oh, yeah, Aretha rocks, and you're so right. If you can't wiggle to that it's SO sad.

Just spoke with Meg after class. Another connection. I believe you are the center of a giant

cosmic wheel, all of us spokes tied to you in different ways, supported by you and supporting you so that the whole wheel can move forward. You are indeed a forward-moving-thinking force.

Great mounds of gratitude and love,

Keep dancing in mind and/or body,



dearest Stephanie -

each day I read your log, always in amazement at the resources, photographs and wisdom you bring to each, day after day after day - always something to learn, always something new to love; today I melted into loving tears of the photo of breastless you and single breasted friend. I cannot find sufficient words to tell you how meaningful are your words, /they- speak of resilience and love, of couraqe, and intimate sharing. Dear Stephanie - you are truly a gift to the world of us who daily follow you. I learn resilience and ways to live with my own lungs, having you as a role model. - I find comfort in the space we do and don't share. Pam took a photo for me of the pond from the dam which I have framed; each morning I sit before the photo , place myself on the dam, sing Cat Stevens' 'Morning Song' - thinking of you - in that shared space, full of love and comfort. and sending you my love and my blessing. shira

Dear Goddess Stephanie,

I am once again stunned (that would be stunned in a good way) by your unrelenting spirit and gratitude, even now. Despite everything I know and teach I don't think I can summon these up in the way you do on a good day!!

I'm sending you big beams of light and love and admiration.

You rock, girl.


Dear Stephanie! Gentle embrace and many warm hugs from all of us. Wishing you a beautiful day! Thank you for your tribute to love, life and light! You are in our thoughts and prayers! Angelika & Family