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Stephanie Sugars
Welcome, dear friends and guests!


Happiness runs in a circular motion

Irish Autumn

photograph by Susanna Braswell


Love is like a little boat upon the sea:


Mister Rogers Remixed

Garden of Your Mind

PBS Digital Studios


I am still alive and having dropped my to-do list, left-brain, executive function, I am finding my true self further unveiled.

I am full of love, joy, appreciation, humor, wit, puns and sleep...except now when I rose to deal with dry mouth. Not asleep, but exploding with gratitude and a desire to let you know, I'm more than okay, all is perfect. The care of my Circle of Care and hospice team allow me to flourish!

I not only find joy in every day, everyday is a joy.

Nov. 2 was the death of my period of my problem finding and problem solving self and the rebirth of that old, familiar, beloved Stephanie-self.

I am having a blast. Please don't worry about me, I wish such deaths for all of you.

You may need to breathe new life to that dead self, but coming from joy and gratitude is so much nicer!!!

All love coming at you all the time, Stephanie

I believe this was an AM radio advert from my teen years.


There is something you can tell people over and over, and with feeling and eloquence, and still never say it well enough for it to be more than news from abroad – people have no readiness for it, no empathy. It is the news of personal aging – of climbing, and knowing it, to some unrepeatable pitch and coming forth on the other side, which is pleasant still but which is, unarguably, different – which is the beginning of descent. It is the news that no one is singular, that no argument will change its course, that one’s time is more gone than not, and what is left waits to be spend gracefully and attentively, if not quite so actively.

I don’t think I am old yet, or done with growing. But my perspective has altered – I am less hungry for the busyness of the body, more interested in the tricks of the mind.

Building the House by Mary Oliver

Just read this in Upstream, Oliver's new collection of essays, prose poem reflections on walking upstream against the current...getting lost in nature's wonders. If you read, I encourage you to read it. I hope there is an audio version for those who listen rather than read.

oxoxox forever

This just in from
Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand - and melting like a snowflake.


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