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Stephanie Sugars
Welcome, dear friends and guests!


Choose love over fear today

Sea otters, because of their lusciously warm, soft and thick pelts, were hunted nearly to extinction on N. America's Pacific coast. Their population has revived in parts of California (try Point Lobos south of Carmel), but are still threatened in Oregon. Sea otters are agile, playful, cute and deeply relational!

May all be as joyful!


Together we are stronger, more resilient, lean toward kindness and connection....

We will be known as the culture that feared death and adored power, that tried to vanquish insecurity for the few and cared little for the penury of the many. We will be known as a culture that taught and rewarded the amassing of things, that spoke little if at all about the quality of life for people (other people), for dogs, for rivers. All commodity. And they will say that this structure was held together politically, which it was, and they will say also that our politics was no more than an apparatus to accommodate the feelings of the heart, and that the heart, in those days, was small, and hard, and full of meanness. - Mary Oliver - Of the Empire


The Story - Missing Person Afternoon

“I was wrong”

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