Stephanie Sugars
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Transitioning from this life

Our dear Stephanie Sugars has entered the very beginning of her journey to the other side. As of Saturday, she was rapidly declining, unable to rise from her bed, no longer speaking, and being held in deep quiet and tender care by her beloved friends in her Circle of Care on a twenty-four hour basis. We expect she will be gone within days if not hours. It could be anytime soon. Please hold her in your hearts with all the love she has expressed and given to so many of us for so long…and be with her in spirit as she passes from us. She will be waving to us, to you. Written by Kathleen Kraemer

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Sorry I was away and not up to date with things Stephanie... But I had you in my consciousness guess we were waving...

Thank you Stephanie for all the love and inspiration you have brought to me and so many across the planet. I can see and feel you waving to us. Blessings to your Circle of Care who have been with there with you and for you in this time of your transition. All that you have shared with us about what you have gone through and knowing you will be there makes me less afraid of when I will also journey to the other side.

Love and blessings on your journey home.

"when you were born, you cried, and the world rejoiced. Live your life so, that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice" (Native American prayer) May it be so with gratitude for allowing all of us, far and near, to accompany you into this amazing journey of living and dying

Love and gratitude to Stephanie, and those who care for her and are caring for her now. Thinking of her at this time of Thanksgiving. May her passing be peaceful and filled with light.

Aloha and mahalo to Stephanie's Circle of Care who have been so important to her these past couple of years. Words can not express the depth of gratitude I feel towards this amazing group of individuals. Your care and commitment have made Stephanie's journey so rich and meaningful. Good bye for now my beautiful sister. You will live in my heart forever and I will see you again on the other side.

Hi Karen, It has been a deep dive adventure being in The Circle of Care group for Stephanie. It is going to take some time to digest it all but I am honored to be a part of the circle. There were lessons from Stephanie, lessons from the group dynamics and personal lessons to be had and integrated into my life to make it richer. I am glad that you got to spend time recently with Stephanie. We are all taking our last bows with her on some level. We will meet her again when we cross the Threshold and what a party we will have! Love, Meg McNees

Thank you Melody and Kathleen for the update. I have reposted this over at on two threads on which Stephanie was very active. Her many friends from around the world are waving back, and sending love and light her way. Godspeed, our dear Stephanie

Stephanie, praying for a peaceful transition from this life. You will be greatly missed, dear friend.

What a blessing Stephanie's writings have been to me and all of us who have read them. I live all the way on the East Coast and knew her back in our 20s briefly. Sending you lots of love and light to all of you who are there with her. Debra

What a blessing has been to know Stephanie through her writings. Learning so much from her in this journey, has transformed some part of the lives of many, including my own. What a remarkable human being. Love you forever. With many thanks you will remain a shining light. From wherever you will be, please stay with us to continue filling us with your spirit.