Stephanie Sugars
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Stephanie died peacefully tonight

Our dear friend, Stephanie Sugars, died peacefully tonight, Sunday, November 20, in her beloved home near Kenwood, California. We will send an email out soon with more information. Elinor Biller

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A blog essay and a song for my dear, bodhisattva friend, Stephanie. The song is medicine.

Dearest Stephanie, circle of care and the many lives Stephanie touched. We are blessed that Stephanie walked with us for so long. Surely her spirit continues to grace us. It is hard to believe that I made this video for Stephanie four years ago. It is aptly called Thanksgiving: 25+ years of memories...beginning with working together at the old Community Market, the Dyke March in SF, potlucks, walks, snuggles, listening to music, healing bodywork, prayers during chemotherapy, a motorcycle ride to a lavender farm, the first circle of care and so many good conversations. A conversation with Stephanie over a simple bowl of potatoes was the richest of feasts.

Thank you for the YouTube video! Sweet.

See ya on the move Stephanie - peace!

Stephanie, you are a magnificent light who will always shine in my heart. My love goes with you on your new journey. My appreciation goes out to all who have been taking care of you.


Dearest Stephanie-- You have been an amazing example for all of us on how to live and how to die. My gratitude forever for blazing a trail for me -- my gratitude forever for the love and caring you have brought into my life and so many many others. Bon voyage, my dear. you are now with the angels. Shira Hadditt

Feeling so peaceful at last for Stephanie who has left us for better shores. She wanted and needed to fly free. She leaves us all much enriched by her life on this earth. It was a blessing to have known her - if only through her writings. Thank you to all her Circle of Care caregivers, and to all on the hospice team who eased her passing through the veil and onward to endless bliss. I know she thanks and blesses you all.

Thank you, Melody, Kathleen, and Elinor, for keeping us updated during Stephanie's transition. Thank you to all the Circle of Care caregivers, and to all on the hospice team who cared for Stephanie. We all treasured Stephanie deep in our hearts, and will carry forwards Stephanie's spirit in all that we do and be. Peace to all, and blessings to dear Stephanie.

Just a deep, deep peace now, earned with a fierce vision.

RIP dear one. I felt your spirit soar and waved goodbye for now. Eternal gratitude, juli

Farewell, Stephanie - you taught me much as a cancer survivor, and I regarded you as a friend and a pillar of strength. Your words helped me, eased my survivor guilt and made that transition more palatable. Take my love and voyage

Blessings dear Stephanie as you make your journey. We'll miss you and your wise words. Thank you dear caregivers. My heart goes out to you and all who love Stephanie. Prayers continue. Love continues.


Thank you for letting us know - even though I have been following Stephanie's journey both in person and online, it is still hard for me to accept... :0

Thank you Aunt Stephanie for being a presence in my life who taught me to be thankful for every moment given. I still have the treasure box you gifted me a few years ago, and sadly I cannot put the greatest treasure you've given to me in there- your loving and kind spirit. We will cross paths again soon :)

Blessings and deep gratitude to you Stephanie and all who cared for you. May you continue to show us all the wisdom and the release you found.

Hi again dear ones, I would like to cast a verse (based in anthroposophy, method taught to me by dear Tamara Slayton) for Stephanie. If possible, please let me know what time she crossed, and I also need the astrosophical positions of the sun moon and planets for the time and location she passed please. I don't have access to a source for the planetary positions, so I am hoping someone will help and let me know. If you like I will share the verse/meditation with others. Thanks with Love, dusty

Thank you dear Ellinor. I just got home and was reading for, praying for, heart feeling Loving for Stephanie. I was playing piano & singing where I was tonight and deadicating (spelling intended that way) many of my songs to Stephanie that related to death dying crossing the threshold, and staying connected/connecting, singing her name in one of the songs, and spoke Lovingly of he . I felt she had crossed and though I usually don't do computer stuff after dark, after I read and prayed for her, I felt I should check in here--and see your kind message. She is not gone, she is such a shining bright Loving Light alive in spirit realms and our Love reaches her...Thank you again Ellinor and All. I shall return to reading for her., Love to All, Heartfully with Kindness, Dusty

Farewell dear Stephanie. Your words of love and wisdom are forever etched in my mind.

I'm still awake in CST zone keeping vigil, witnessing, with a photo of Quan Yin on my bed table that Stephanie sent me a couple of years ago. I don't have the words to express how I feel, knowing her benign, brilliant presence has taken a different form.

Goodbye, dear Stephanie, and thank you for all that you've given and shared. As your spirit flies free, may you rest in peace knowing what a blessing you were to every single person who read and learned from your eloquent words.

Blessings on your journey.

We will all miss your bright spirit, Stephanie. God sent you our way and we will always remember you. Rest in peace.

Goodbye my lovely friend. You are my hero.


Rest in peace. Your spirit flies free.

Blessings on her bright and questing spirit! May your journey into whatever is next go well, Stephanie. And to all of those who cared for Stephanie, thank you. What a beautiful gift to give us all.


Stephanie i hope you are resting peacefully and painlessly. I am SO glad i got to meet you, not once but twice, and hang out in your beautiful home. I'll always treasure all you did for the PJS group. Many hugs and a game of Bananagrams when we meet again, sister. xo

I will love you for ever. I never met you physically but I did meet you in spirit. Thank you for everything. I so much hope you are happier than you have ever been. Sweet dreams.

Though I knew you only for a few hours at Commonweal earlier this year, the experience we shared—just a few weeks before my Mom died—has imprinted on my brain for as long as I live. Thank you.

Your love is part of me forever.