Stephanie Sugars
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Stephanie Sugars Vigil

Our dear friend, Stephanie Sugars, died on Sunday, November 20 at 6:15 p.m. in her beloved home near Kenwood, California.

Vigil before her funeral: After her death, her body will be prepared and there will be an at-home vigil for her. The hours of the vigil will be from Monday, November 20 at 4 PM to Wednesday, November 23 at 2:30 PM. If you knew Stephanie and would like to come sit with her body, you can get more information and sign up at

Please do not come without signing up through the above link as there is limited space at her home and there are times reserved for the members of her Circle of Care.

Funeral: Details about her funeral will be posted on Monday, November 20.

Memorial: There will be a memorial later. Details and invitation to all will be posted at My Lifeline and shared by email.

Elinor Biller

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Darling One :These are angels singing and dancing with ~YOU~ ~lll~ ~~ ~0~ ~[]~ ~~ ~l~ ~{}~ ~o~ ~U~ ~ll~ ~<>~ ~0~ ~[]~ ~~ ~{}~ ~o~ ~U~ ~<>~ ~0~ ~U~ ~<>~ ~0~ ~ll~ ~o~ ~U~ ~ll~ ~<>~ ~0~ ~[]~ ~~ ~{}~ ~o~ ~U~ ~<>~ ~0~ ~U~ According to the I Ching, the good that is you is now inCORPorated into all of those you loved - and since that is all of us, I have a perfect reason to have gratitude welling as we approach this Thursday ritual of giving thanks at a national level... Blessings be that we got to visit last week, darling Stephanie (miracle of miracles); blessings be that I got to see you and your sister enthralled in love vibes; blessings be that the circle is WHOLE and complete and full. Blessings be that each one of YOUR circle was able to be with you for each part of your departure. I look forward to those stories darling Stephanie. I will always love you, honor you and hold you in my heart as a true Bodhisatva, a true being of light, a example of all that is human and simultaneously divine.

Dearest Stephanie, thank you for your courage and your big heart. Blessings on your journey. love, Roseanna

Dearest, beautiful, Stephanie, I have the feeling you will be checking your blog at some point. :-) Now I can communicate directly. I've deeply enjoyed our connection in bodies and will be with you soon. Aliyah

....There will be a hole in this physical world with Stephanie's departure to the next plane. I too know that Allison and so many others will be there to greet her. It has been so good knowing she has been help with so much love and care. betsy

Elinor, and all those privileged to be in her devoted Circle of Care, please accept the gratitude of the Smart Patients community who loved her so. She transformed our understanding of illness and its purposes. I am wordlesss today. Marjorie

I have no words to write with. I feel only love when I think of Stephanie - this realm and in her new home beaming even brighter without the limitations of a body! Gift. Miracle. Presence. Wise. Human. Soul sister - even though I barely knew her. To Angela Morgan and the Circle of Care group...... I bow to each of you in humble respect and awe by your deep level of care, compassion and commitment. Blown away.

What an amazing, loving insightful, brilliant, shining shooting star has passed through our lives. Leaving behind a trail of bounty in thoughts and words, a plethora of imagery and music. A treasure we can hold and take with us like a favored gem. REST now in peace and thanks, condolences to all who cared and loved

Deep gratitude for all who supported Stephanie throughout her courageous journey. She is now reunited with all who have made the journey before her. I'm thinking Allison welcomed her with open arms and a big smile.

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Hers truly was what would be called a glorious death. In her final years of her fight, always just waiting for the disease to overtake her, an agonizing process that she once said was like wading through molasses towards death, yet she found insights and enlightenment in everything around her. I no I will be removing all of her words until my dying day. I regret I was never able to make the trip to share in her days of sparked wisdom and to have her guide me in accepting that imminently this may be the road I follow into transformation.... But her spirit and teachings will always be embedded in my soul.


Sending love, respect and much appreciation to those who have worked in the Circle of Care for Stephanie for so long.


Yes, a tremendous thank you to the Circle of Care, who held her so well during this time of transition. Much gratitude and love to you all.....!

In the time I've known Stephanie in spirit, it has been such an honor and privilege to connect with her generous heart and inspiring presence in this great life. Clearly, an extraordinary woman. What a beautiful circle of care she wove around herself, both in direct physical contact as well as through the ethers. Blessings on all who've known her and loved her, and tended her with such devotion. May her life and teachings continue to inspire others, and may her journey be gentle and sure. Namaskar, bright one.

Oh Stephanie, Though your voice may be silent your inspiring words live on and on, as well as your friends. "I have a Million Nightingales on the Branches of my Heart, singing Freeeeedom, Freedom, Freee dom"

Stephanie was very much beloved by the community on She always tried to make a difference and brought comfort to many women and men she interacted with. I loved her very much. RIP dearest Stephanie. You deserve nothing but love and light and a journey on the softest of wind to the next place. You will be missed.


Your kind care of Stephanie is much appreciated. She will continue to be an inspiration for me and so many others. Hugs and thanks to you and her circle of care friends. Maureen

Thank you all for caring for Stephanie in life and in death.

Sharing my respect, love and sadness.

I want to thank you all...her circle of care, for being so wonderful.