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Diane Elmore
Exchange Surgery Scheduled
  • Surgery for the expander/implant exchange is currently set for 2/7/18 at 7:30 am at Princeton Hospital.
  • The surgery should take 4 hours and is outpatient, meaning after recovery I should be able to go home.
  • Recovery (before I can get back to regular activities) is 2 weeks. Kevin reminded me that means normal people activities and not superhero activities. (yes, I need definition)
  • Full recovery should be about 4-6 weeks. (YIKES!)

Today we went to see Dr. Lynch (plastic surgeon) for a pre-op appt. for my (hopefully) final surgery. This surgery is to remove the current expanders from my chest - y

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Bruce, Dee, and Chris

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Today my boyfriend NED showed up in my scans.

In cancer talk...


Evidence of


Now the cleanup can begin!



Next (and hopefully final!) surgery date set!

Just got off the phone with Rosemary from Dr. Lynch's office.

I now have a surgery date set for February 7 at Princeton hospital (outpatient).

Preop appt is January 26.

If you are easily offended, don't read the next paragraph...but, it is funny to us.

Kevin asked if this is the appointment where there is a pop-up book to pick boobs from, or maybe if there is a room with a wall of boobs to pick from....I told Kevin sorry, but...going as small as they let me - I mean seriously, do they make aeroboobs for swim/bike/run purposes? They should!

I am looking forward to having all these major surgeries

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Scans done

Hey there!

All the scans I am able to have done at this time were done today!

Kevin and I went to Princeton Hospital today and got it done. The radioactive drink they gave me was much more delicious than the water from our tap which may or may not currently contain haleoacetic acid...

Although I was again hoping for spidey powers, it just didn't happen today.

Now we wait for results.


Todays frustrating appt

This mornings appointment at Princeton Hospital.

NO MRI done today because....

of the 1,000 questions asked and from all my records (everything has been done at Princeton hospital and the MRI was going to be done there as well) no one looked or thought to ask if I have tissue expanders until I got into the locker room to change. That's when the tech asked me. They have magnets in them, so...MRI is a no go.

Alrighty then.

I sent Dr. Lee's a wtf type email (because it is a voice maze that takes 20 minutes to get through to a receptionist that isn't even a part of his office, so they usually get the

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Scans scheduled

Scans are all scheduled and will be done much quicker than I anticipated.

MRI of brain - 1/6 - this Saturday morning. With and without contrast. Was supposed to be later today, but, snow storm got in the way.

Bone Scan - next Wednesday (1/10) - apparently this isn't for bone density, but in search of cancer that may be lurking. In my bones...not a pleasant thought. The fact that there is such a test after Dr. Lee told me their wasn't...doesn't invoke a lot of trust at this point, but it is scheduled.

CT Scan - next Wednesday (1/10) - with and without contrast.

I don't know how long it takes to g

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Happy New Year!

December 14 or 15 I had it with the chemo I was on. We decided it was time for another opinion as Dr. Lee kept saying my feet looked ok to him. They got infected and I could hardly stand on them, let alone do my things. The pain was too much for me, and Dr. Lee told me he wouldn't prescribe me a painikiller because I was becoming an addict. Seriously. I requested one vicodin at night only while on the on weeks of chemo so that I could sleep (not a lot of sleeping was happening because during the day I can at least distract myself. Seriously...he said no. In hind sight, there isn't a lot

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4 days post-op

Tuesday 11/21...4 days after surgery...I took my dogs for a two mile walk, and came home sweating like a piggy. They were pretty happy about it, though since they haven't had a 'real' walk since Thursday. And Zoe has been by my side since the second I got home Friday afternoon. She is doing an awesome job as my therapy dog.

Zoe the wonder-pup!

I am tired and feel like I got hit by a truck, but am ok. Off pain meds (except at nighttime so I can sleep) since Sunday. The bruise I am willing to show off to everyone doesn't hurt nearly as much as other spots...but, I'm up, walking and on this side of the dirt.

not even the worst of it.


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Chemo, Pain issues and Reconstruction part II

Xeloda is the chemo I am currently on. It is definitely doing a number on my hands and feet - burns, blisters, etc. skin falling off my feet like a leper. I asked dr lee Tuesday for pain medicine to help with pain management. He at first suggested Advil, which I have been taking and doesn't touch it. I told him I am not willing to take this chemo anymore if I have to manage it with Advil. I can't sleep. (I am not running - that should give you some idea that it hurts quite a bit - generally I push myself to do it anyways. Even if it is a pain medicine just to sleep!!! he said he would cal

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Not a lot of answers today.

Dr Lee today. My bloodwork all looks fine. Hands and feet have calmed down a lot since I started with the b6 and steroid cream,but still feel on fire.

I went in to this appointment determined to not take Xeloda anymore. But...Dr. Lee wants me to try a different schedule with it - the new schedule will be one week on, one week off and see how it goes. If it still is problematic, then he will lower the dose. I asked if we could please do both. Not for the first round - we have to see how it goes. I asked him if I could please come off of the Xeloda. He said that this cancer is too high ri

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