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  Anthony Fairlie
Anthony Fairlie
  Anthony Fairlie

Hello again.

Yeah its been awhile. it is time to bring everybody up to date. October was a pretty good month. back on the 20th. We, Elizabeth Isaac and I went to the Iowa vs Maryland game, It was a lot of fun. It was a cold and windy, but a sunny day. Where we were was mostly blocked from the wind and we were in the sun the whole time so we stayed pretty warm. Plus Iowa won so a good day all around. Then Elizabeth and I along with Hannah flew down to Phoenix to visit Esther for the weekend. We flew down Thursday night and came back Monday evening. We were able to see her campus and where her classes are. It is kind of funny because she has 4 classes in 2 buildings and one is on the other side of the campus and the other is right next to her building she lives in. Of course she has to walk to the other side of campus between each class. She has about ten minutes between classes and she needs every one to get to her classes on time but she does it. We were able to meet a lot of her friends. She has a real nice group of friends they really look out for each other. In fact just yesterday Esther had to have some surgery on her mouth, wisdom teeth and such. The Dentist said she would need somebody to stay with her for 24 hrs. Well they all took turns staying with her and getting things for her. We are very grateful she has a good community of friends. We had a real nice time spending time with her.

Well, I just got done with my 12th chemo treatment. The Dr. scheduled a CAT scan to see how things have changed and what we might do different going forward. We will have to make some decisions at that point depending on the results of the scan. The Dr. was pretty positive mostly based on my reactions to the treatments. My blood work has been going in the right direction this whole time. My iron and red blood cell counts has been increasing the whole time and I am still able to work. I am not having any harsh side affects that wipe me out for a couple of days. So I am thankful to God for His kindness.

The things you can be praying for are that the results on November 13 of the CAT scan would show great progress. That God would show Elizabeth and I what to do, if we go light chemo, take 3 months off or visit Mayo again. This will happen on November 14. Elizabeth and I want to thank you all for your prayers. Until next time when I blog again.

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