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  Anthony Fairlie
Anthony Fairlie
  Anthony Fairlie

Unexpected Turn.

Hello, This is Esther Dad's youngest daughter.

A week ago things took an unexpected turn, dad was having some pain and things didn't seem quite right, on Friday morning dad got his pump off and they gave him fluids and eventually sent him home. Later that evening we went to the ER we have been at the hospital ever since. Dad has a blockage right where the tumor is, (The large intestine) this blockage is caused by the tumor dying leaving scar tissue. Eventually the permanent solution will be a colostomy. However because chemo was just last week there is medicine in his body that makes him not heal, so doing a surgery is risky. 

Right now the blockage is causing issues with breathing and uncomfortableness, we have two options, the first is to put a stent through the tumor to hopefully relieve the blockage, the surgeon does not know for sure if this will work, he wont know until he gets in there and tries, if that doesn't work then they will do the colostomy. The surgeon warned us though, with either option if things were to go wrong things would go very wrong and dad probably wouldn't survive the complications and wont survive surgery. Surgery will be any time this evening after 5pm. (12/19/18)

Dad is hanging in there, we have been reading scripture and listening to worship music. Lifting our eyes to Jesus knowing that he is the author and perfecter of our faith. We know and trust that God is Good and in control. We pray that no matter what happens God will be glorified. Dad is ready to fight, and ready to start feeling better! We couldn't be here without your prayers. We are so thankful for each and everyone of you. Continue praying for us and that God would be glorified through us. 

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