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  Austin Baines
Austin Baines
  Austin Baines

Upholstery Cleaning: It Will Make Your Couch Habitable Once Again

Before settling down and finding a place to call home, I was something of a continental traveler, hopping from city to city on a whim and staying wherever good company would keep me. If I were to give my lifestyle a cool, trendy title, I would choose “couch-surfer.” That definitely has a ring to it, but I can’t claim credit for term. It has been used to describe the carefree lifestyle of traveling on the cheap, making friends along the way, and staying overnight at hostels or at a friendly stranger’s house where you will most likely be sleeping on the sofa. It’s definitely not for everyone. Just the thought alone is probably scarier to most people than hitchhiking, yet someone how couch surfing has not gained that type of notoriety yet. The most dangerous thing I encountered in my journeys? Filthy couches. That’s it! So now that I’m done traveling and hosting couch surfers myself, I am trying to be extra hospitable by having upholstery cleaning performed on my couches regularly.

The Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne service I contacted to clean my couches was all I could ask for in a cleaning company and more. I already knew that a couch could become quite foul without cleaning, but I was wrong to assume that my selection of a leather couch was a better choice. I simple thought that leather wouldn’t absorb odors and sweat as badly as another material. They corrected me on that. In fact, the larger problem with my leather couch comes from the fact that the protective finish is worn away by sweat, dirt, and oil, which leads to fading and cracking. Their leather specialist took care of the cleaning job and sold me additional materials to restore the leather and keep it looking nice. They also provide best ways for upholstery cleaning.

The business I chose also employs carpet cleaners, and it turns out their methods of carpet cleaning are the same one they use for cleaning the surface of soft couches. I have a plush couch that I try to vacuum and protect from stains, but I can never really clean below the surface. Their method teams up carbonation to bring stains to the surface and minimal hot water to scrubs and whisk it all away.

They did such a fantastic job on the couches and carpets; I just had to know if they could do anything about my area rug. Even though I am no longer a couch surfer, I still live as frugally as possible and my natural inclination to save money landed me a used area rug instead of a new one. Even though I got it for a bargain it needed some work before I could display it. As it just so happens, they are also very experienced at area rug cleaning. I could not be happier with the results! After all the detail work they did that old rug looks like I just brought it home new yesterday. Anybody who has high traffic passing through their house and sleeping on their couch like me should have these upholstery cleaning services done to make their guests’ visits as comfortable as possible.

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