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6 Reasons Every Cancer Patient Should Have a Personal Website

  1. You won’t have to repeat your diagnosis, treatment plan, or treatment updates over and over.  You can post once, for everyone to read.
  2. You can ask for help with meals, rides, chores…. The possibilities are endless. Friends are always looking for ways to help.
  3. You’ll receive caring, loving messages from all of your friends.
  4. Your support network will grow larger than you ever imagined.
  5. You’ll feel connected to friends and family even if they’re thousands of miles away.
  6. You won’t have to keep up with long email chains or spend hours returning emails.

Get started today with your free website. Or tell a friend who was just recently diagnosed. Ribbon

Caregiver Tips Part 1- Caregiving for Your Loved One with Cancer

You’ll find resources here related to Caregivers and Friends and Family of those affected by cancer. We believe no patient should ever feel alone and you shouldn’t either!

Summary of Caregiving for Your Loved One with Cancer from CancerCare

Typically a caregiver can provide support in three ways: Medical, Emotional, and Practical support.

Medical Support:

  • Gather information about the diagnosis and possible treatment options
  • Attend medical visits to take notes and ask questions
  • Stay attuned to your loved ones physical capabilities and offer help when needed
  • Record any special instructions and explore home health services if necessary

Emotional Support:

  • Listen
  • Support their decisions
  • Seek out information on support groups if necessary
  • Continue to provide support after treatment is over.  Patients tend to feel lonely immediately after treatment is over because day to day contact ends.

Practical Support:

  • Review insurance policies
  • Understand what your loved one is entitled to
  • Apply for financial aid if necessary

Visit CancerCare’s Care Giver Support Page for more information.