Unfair – poetry by a two time ovarian cancer survivor

We’re starting a new feature on our blog with poetry written by cancer patients. Here’s the first one from Lynette.


I have cancer, he does not

Until now forever one

Common life, we plan our future

With each other all the way

Cancer comes and draws a line

Separating him and me


I have cancer, he does not

All the focus goes on me

I’m the patient, he the carer

Doctors, scans, reports and treatment

All about my precious health

No-one asking how he is


I have cancer, he does not

He’s supportive, loving, patient

But it’s thrust now in our faces

That which couples always know

But they never want to look at

Death will surely part our ways


I have cancer, he does not

Not for us the sweet forgetting,

of the imminence of death

Every joy and love in this life

Now accompanied by this –

One day it will be no more


I have cancer, he does not

Feelings now are sharp as knives

Deeper love means deeper wounding

As I cherish every moment

Every look and voice and gesture

All unutterably dear


Lynette was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in August 08, at the age of 64. She had an operation and went on chemo for 6 months. It recurred in November 2010, and she is now going through her second lot of chemo. The poetry has been written since her recurrence, and the mylifeline site has been a great chance to share it with friends and family.

If you would like to submit a poem for our blog, please email blog@mylifeline.org with your poem and a short bio.

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