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Cancer Progress Timeline

The American Society of Clinical Oncologist has created the Cancer Progress timeline. It’s a comprehensive timeline of cancer treatment advances, detection, and prevention milestones. CancerProgress.Net was developed under the guidance of an editorial board of 17 of the nation’s leading oncologists.  Recently posted on the site is a video interview with prominent surgical oncologist Carolyn D. Runowicz, MD.  Dr. Runowicz reflects on the progress made in women’s cancers and shares prospects for future gains in cancer research and
treatment.  Check out these videos from experts
CancerProgress.Net also features interactive tools to explore progress made against cancer, including:

  • Timeline of cancer advances for 14 major types of cancer and all types of patient care
  • Video interviews with cancer experts
  • Slide decks and fact sheets for download
  • Data visualizer tools to explore cancer statistics

Below are links to specific sections of the timeline:


Right Test Right Time: Website to explain biomarkers and testing

Cancer is a complex disease that is becoming more complicated as new biomarkers and diagnostic tests are discovered.  Depending on the results of the biomarker testing, your doctor can select the right treatment for your specific cancer and avoid exposure to medicines that are not likely to be effective against your cancer. Genentech recently launched a new website,, that helps explain what biomarkers and diagnostic tests are and what patients, whether they are newly diagnosed or have had a recurrence, should ask their healthcare team.  Visit the site to learn more.

 On this web site, visitors will be able to:

·         Find information about the biomarkers and tests for the top 10 cancers

·         Print out questions to ask their doctor about biomarkers and diagnostics

·         Share their story

·         Share the website on social networking sites (Facebook and Twitter)

·         Learn more about the promise of biomarkers

Cancer Legal Resource Center: Cancer Rights Conference

Space is still available for our fall conference in Ann Arbor, MI.

Ann Arbor, MI – October 21, 2011

Register Here!


If you missed the Chicago Cancer Rights Conference, here is what some of our attendees had to say about it:

“This program was awesome. Everything presented was valuable information. As a cancer survivor it is comforting to know there is someone out there looking out for us. Thank you so much CLRC for all you do. You make a difference in our lives!”

“The entire day was outstanding! The efforts put forth by a small group of individuals to bring so much knowledge to this large group shows what a difference a few dedicated people can make. I was inspired and privileged to have been able to be part of this special day. I will use these resources every day as a nurse case manager. Thank you! I look forward to future presentations.”

Join Us!

Join the Cancer Legal Resource Center for these FREE events that will provide patients, survivors, caregivers, advocates, navigators, healthcare professionals, and attorneys with valuable information about cancer-related legal issues, including:

  • Employment & Taking Time Off Work
  • Health, Disability and Life Insurance Options
  • Access to Health Care
  • Insurance Navigation and Appeals
  • Understanding Health Care Reform
  • Cancer Community Resources
  • Genetics & the Law
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Education Rights of Children and Young Adults with Cancer
  • Financial Planning

Get Fit and Give Back

During the month of October, Fitbook is donating $4 of fitbook sales and $2 of t-shirt sales to two different non-profits. One of those is us! Fitbooks are a great way to motiviate yourself to exercise regularly and eat healthily!

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