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5 Reasons is Thankful for Caregivers

5 Reasons is Thankful for Caregivers Caring for Loved Ones with Cancer

  1. Caregivers help their loved ones stay organized and get them to all of their many doctor appointments.
  2. Caregivers help their loved ones stay calm in times of stress.
  3. Caregivers remember all of the questions to ask the doctor.
  4. Caregivers educate themselves so they can help advocate for their loved one.
  5. Caregivers provide love and support for their loved one throughout the entire treatment journey.

What are some reasons you are thankful for caregivers? Response to FDA’s Withdrawl of Avastin for Metastatic Breast Cancer Cancer Foundation Responds to FDA Decision to Withdraw Approval of Avastin® (bevacizumab) for the Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancer

Denver (November 22, 2011)The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on November 18 that it is revoking the approval of Avastin®  (bevacizumab) for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer in the United States. This decision follows recommendations made in June by the FDA Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee. Cancer Foundation, a national Denver-based charity that offers free, personal websites for cancer patients and their caregivers, expressed disappointment with the FDA decision and concern for those patients with metastatic breast cancer.

“As an ovarian cancer survivor, I understand firsthand the importance of having a choice in treatment options,” said Marcia Donziger, Founder and Executive Director. “We recognize the concerns the FDA has regarding the potential side effects of the drug. We also understand that a woman facing stage 4 breast cancer may have very few choices for treatment. Now, the option for Avastin®  is being taken away. Genentech, the makers of Avastin® , will start a new Phase III study of Avastin®  in combination with paclitaxel in previously untreated metastatic breast cancer and will evaluate a potential biomarker that may help identify which people might derive a more substantial benefit from Avastin® . We are optimistic that this study will give new hope to the many women who are facing this devastating illness.”

“I am a breast cancer survivor, and I know that if I had been given a stage 4 diagnosis, I would have faced the risks in order to have hope,” said Kimberly Jewett,’s Director of Strategic Partnerships. In June, Jewett testified before the FDA in a hearing presided by Margaret A. Hamburg about the need for metastatic breast cancer patients to have the option of using Avastin® . “I feel as if I can be a voice for the many women who feel the FDA has taken their choice away. What’s more, this decision will obviously lead insurance companies to review their payment policies regarding Avastin® in breast cancer, which will only limit hope for so many. At, we support and stand by all cancer patients and their caregivers in their fight against cancer.”

About Cancer Foundation believes a strong support community is critical for cancer patients. Every day they provide free, personal websites to cancer patients and caregivers to easily connect with family and friends, because no patient should ever feel alone.  Learn more at

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Resource Spotlight: Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation

“OUR MISSION:  INCREASE SURVIVAL: The Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation (BJALCF) was founded with one diagnosis, long before its official start date, when Bonnie’s life was redefined. Her prognosis was grim when she was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in 2004. Following a 14-hour surgery, a battery of nurses and doctors, an army of radiation and chemotherapy treatments, blood clots, procedures and tubes that invaded her formerly predictable life, Bonnie became a Lung Cancer survivor.  In a unique position to become the voice for the other 1.5 million people personally affected by the #1 cancer killer, she began to think of ways to help others facing the crisis of this highly stigmatized disease. “What about the 450 other patients who die a day of Lung Cancer in the U.S. alone, and their families?”  Bonnie asked. “Where’s the outrage?” On March 6, 2006, the news broke that Dana Reeve lost her battle with Lung Cancer. Bonnie decided:  “Enough was enough!” BJALCF was born.”

Lung Cancer Fact Sheet from the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation

Check out their Lung Blog


Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

Resource Spotlight: Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Our Mission
The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is a nationwide network of people dedicated to working together to advance research, support patients and create hope for those affected by pancreatic cancer.

How We Accomplish Our Mission
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is the national organization creating hope in a comprehensive way through research, patient support, community outreach and advocacy for a cure. The organization raises money for direct private funding of research—and advocates for more aggressive federal research funding of medical breakthroughs in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer.

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network fills the void of information and options by giving patients and caregivers reliable, personalized information they need to make informed decisions. The organization helps support individuals and communities all across the country work together to raise awareness and funds to find a cure for pancreatic cancer. We create a sense of hope and community so no one has to face pancreatic cancer alone.”

Educational Opportunities from Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Glossary of terms from Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

One on One Support from Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Share their website today with someone whose been affected by Pancreatic Cancer.


Cancer Prevention Study

Volunteer today for a cancer-free tomorrow.
November 8-19, 2011

What if you could prevent even one family from hearing the words “you have cancer”?

This November, you can fight back against cancer by joining the American Cancer Society’s new research study called the Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3). By joining CPS-3, you can help researchers better understand the genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that cause or prevent cancer, which will ultimately save lives.
Who can join the study?
The Study if open to anyone who:
• Is willing to make a long-term commitment to the study, which involves completing periodic follow-up surveys at home for the next 20-30 years
• Is between 30 and 65 years old
• Has never been diagnosed with cancer (not including basal or squamous cell skin cancer)

How can you participate?

Participation is easy and enrollment is taking place in the Denver area during November 8-19, 2011 at select Quest Diagnostics, Inc. facilities. Your initial enrollment requires two steps and will involve the following:
• After scheduling your enrollment appointment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions to go online and complete your first, most comprehensive survey. This survey will ask you questions regarding medications you are taking, family history of cancer, lifestyle and other behaviors. This survey must be completed prior to your appointment time.
• At your appointment, you will be asked to sign an informed consent form, complete a brief survey, and provide a waist circumference measurement and a small blood sample (similar to a doctor’s visit). The blood sample will be taken by a certified, trained phlebotomist. Your appointment should last approximately 20 – 30 minutes.
To schedule your appointment, visit
What Else Can You Do To Help?
If you are not eligible to enroll, be an advocate for Cancer Prevention Study-3. Encourage those close to you to take part in this potentially life-saving study in your honor. Spread the word to everyone you know.
  • 695 S. Broadway, Denver CO 80209
  • 1411 S. Potomac St #290 Aurora, CO 80012
  • 6179 S. Balsam Way #240 Littleton, CO 80123
  • 7700 W Virginia Ave Unit C Lakewood, CO 80226
  • 3250 E 104th Ave Thornton, CO 80233
  • 8671 S. Quebec St #240 Littleton, CO 80130
  • 3555 Lutheran Parkway #130 Wheat Ridge, CO 80033