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Team Kick Cancer

Team Kick Cancer provides financial grants to individuals or groups  committed to increasing cancer awareness. We focus on passionate individuals who want to take action to promote cancer awareness. This  mission will be accomplished by developing awareness programs, educational messages, or statements that will be communicated on a local level.

Currently Accepting Applications for the 2012 Give Program! Find out more

What do we do?

Team Kick Cancer produces local events such as galas, runs and walks, and concerts to raise monies that fund the Team Kick Cancer Grants.

Team Kick Cancer Grants

Grants are awarded to help individuals educate others about cancer as well as build local programs, distribute  information and make a statement or create a buzz about cancer. The  educational cancer message will vary. It depends on how each individual  defines cancer awareness and what aspect of cancer awareness he/she is  personally passionate about. No matter how you define it, no matter what your passion, Team Kick Cancer is here to support you and our fight against cancer.

How can you make a difference?

There are excellent organizations that  provide exceptional information about cancer. However, most of these  operate on a national level. We need to deliver our message a little  closer to home, at a local level. You can make a difference by sharing  important information about cancer within your own community.


Two ways to Join the Team:

1. Apply for a Team Kick Cancer Grant

2. Participate in a Team Kick Cancer event.
Apply for a grant before March 31st!

What is Proton Therapy?

Guest Post from Felicia Baratz

Cancer treatments often take such a toll on the body because the treatments target all of the body’s cells, not just the cancer cells. Proton beam therapy, commonly known as proton therapy, helps cancer treatments target tumor areas without wreaking havoc on healthy cells. Not only can this spare your normal cells, but physicians can actually deliver higher concentrations of the laser beam to your tumors. For cancer patients and their families, it’s important to learn as much as you can about a treatment so that they can recover quickly and go back to living their lives.

What is proton beam therapy?
A proton is a hydrogen atom that does not contain electrons. Specialized equipment, known as a cyclotron or a synchrotron, energizes the protons for treatment. Then, physicians use specially-shaped devices and magnetic fields to control the dose and direction of the protons, targeting only tumors. Unlike existing radiation, which delivers x-rays or gamma rays through the entire body, proton therapy targets cancer cells and reduces delivery of the beam to healthy cells. Proton therapy is a newer form of radiation therapy, and is in the same vein of cancer treatment as radiation.

For family members or caregivers who will be taking care of a patient receiving proton therapy, there may be questions about how to care for a patient during his or her therapy. Each patient is different, but there are relatively few side effects to deal with. And because almost all proton therapy treatments are outpatient, talking to the doctor or specialist administering the therapy is best.

Who can benefit from proton therapy?

Not every patient can benefit from proton therapy, but people with certain types of cancer will find proton therapy effective. Proton therapy can be used for brain tumors (particularly meningiomas), eye melanomas, and head and neck cancers. Because every tumor is shaped differently, your team of doctors will provide you with patient-specific hardware that helps control the proton beam and maximize the dosage, while protecting healthy cells. During the course of proton beam therapy, you’ll receive proton beams from different directions; this helps reduce the likelihood of health complications from high beam doses. This therapy can also be effective for children, whose organs are still developing and may be damaged by more invasive therapies.

What to expect
If your doctor thinks proton therapy is a good fit for you, he or she may suggest it; however, don’t be afraid to suggest the treatment to your doctor as well. If you begin proton therapy, your radiation therapy team will help you find the best, most comfortable position for you to experience treatment. This will naturally depend on the location of your tumor. They will also perform imaging test to check the proton path, ensuring that the proton targets the cancer cells.

Before you commit to proton therapy, check with your health insurance provider to find out whether the insurance policy will cover this cancer therapy. Not all types of radiation or proton therapy will be covered by insurance, so find out the facts before you commit.

Where to go

Talk to doctors at your local cancer care center to find out about proton therapy treatments near you. While this is a newer form of radiation, expect to find proton therapy offered at major cancer hospitals like IU Health Proton Therapy in Indianapolis.

Prostate cancer patients who received proton therapy praised the treatment for its lack of harmful side effects and lack of pain during the treatment. Some patients also reported having a normal energy level and being able to continue performing activities of daily living they already enjoyed.

Felicia Baratz is a health enthusiast and blogger residing in Indianapolis, IN. As a caregiver, Felicia’s experiences heavily assist in her writing. Being a frequent contributor to, Felicia touches on the subjects of health, nutrition and overall well-being.

Seeing Possibilities Instead of Problems

You are Invited: To an Extraordinary Conversation about The Landmark Forum for those touched by Cancer

Imagine life beyond your wildest dreams…
Experiencing each day as new and unique, free from the constraints and limitations of the past… (or of illness), full of possibility, self expression, and aliveness; with full freedom to make a difference for yourself and others.
Over 90% of the people who complete The Landmark Forum report the following benefits:

  • Greater effectiveness in relating to others
  • Increased personal productivity
  • Freedom in making the right choices/Pursuing what is important to you
  • Greater confidence
  • Living life more fully

Which of these benefits would make a difference in your life?

The Landmark Forum is a three-day-and-one-evening course designed to unlock the limitless possibilities in your life.


SATURDAY MARCH 10TH 9 a.m. to Noon

600 S. Cherry Street in Glendale Suite #314

Please RSVP to: asinglecell (at) or call Tracy at 720-252-5189

We invite you to find out what The Landmark Forum is, what it makes available, and what it could provide for you and your life. Just bring yourself and a project, issue, or relationship you would like to take to the next level. Please bring your calendar and be prepared to register if you see The Landmark Forum as an opportunity that would make a difference for you. Tuition is currently $510 per person.


Upcoming Landmark Forums: (the last day of each session is evening 7-10 p.m.)

April 20, 21, 22, 24

June 1, 2, 3, 5

July 6, 7, 8, 10

August 17, 18, 19, 21

September 21, 22, 23, 25

November 2, 3, 4, 6

Testimonial from a participant

I credit Landmark education with the perspective I am able to have on life now, seeing possibilities instead of problems. Even through my most recent health issues – with some masses showing up in my pelvic region in December – I am able to live my life without fear or stress in this situation. It has been a tremendous blessing to me to gain this perspective. My relationships have also been considerably improved as well. I no longer blame anyone else for anything in my life, and am able to take full responsibility for whatever is missing in each relationship and provide it when needed. I’m sure you can imagine what a blessing that is. (Or maybe you can’t even imagine having the ability to do that. Come find out more about how that happens through this amazing work.)

I am currently  coaching in Landmark’s Self Expression and Leadership Program. I participated in this program two years ago in the spring, and out of it created an annual canoe trip for single cancer survivors. This is what one of the participants recently shared: “I went on a trip to Colorado, a trip with fellow cancer survivors that quite literally changed my life. A trip that opened me up to the possibility of living a full life with illness, without denying its existence. And that changed everything.”

I am thrilled that one of the head coaches from the program I am currently part of is offering an introduction to the Landmark Forum specifically for cancer survivors and caregivers. She is not a survivor herself, but her mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Knowing Belinda as I do, I am so confident she will provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about this education and to address an area of your life where you might be challenged. You will also be invited to register for the Landmark Forum (offered on a variety of dates throughout the year), but even if you choose not to do so, I know you will find the chance to connect with other cancer survivors and focus on your own needs valuable.”