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American Society of Clinical Oncology– In a Nutshell

ASCO – In a Nutshell
By: Kimberly Jewett, Director of Strategic Partnerships

This year, ASCO’s theme was “Collaborating to Conquer Cancer.” There is no better place than the “Windy City”, to accommodate the 34,000 people that attended this meeting.

As a current metastatic breast cancer patient & advocate, I was particularly impressed to hear about the T-DM1 (EMILIA) phase 111 results for advanced Her2-positive Breast Cancer .  The results showed that T-DM1 demonstrated greater efficacy & safety than capecitababine/lapatinib.  T-DM1 should offer an important therapeutic option for the treatment of Her2-positive advanced Breast Cancer.  Read more about the EMILIA study here:
For advanced Ovarian Cancer , the results of two-phase 111 trials presented that Bevacizumab combined with chemotherapy should be considered as a standard option in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer. Read more about the AURELIA phase 111 trial here:

Lung Cancer treatment is an ongoing process in understanding that it is not a one-size-fits-all disease.  The roles of the pathologist and surgeon seem to be critical for a multi-disciplinary approach.
“We hope that this is just the beginning of a process of change that will likely continue for several years,” Dr. Jänne said. “There are many other genetic alterations that have been found in patients with lung cancer, and active efforts are being made to look for treatments for those subsets of individuals.”
Read more about the New Era of Lung Cancer Care here:
Clearly, there is much more information on the many types and research surrounding cancer.  As a patient-advocate myself, I was honored to have the opportunity to attend this conference and gain the knowledge I needed to be an empowered patient.  You can find more information about the Top Headlines of the ASCO 2012 news here:
“Together, we can Collaborate to Conquer Cancer.”

Know a Caregiver That’s Gone the Extra Mile is proud to partner with the B Strong ride. This year the B Strong has created the Extra Mile Caregiver Award. Read on below for more information!


THE EXTRA MILE” BStrong 2012 Caregiver Award

Nominations for The Extra Mile are open to anyone who is/has provided an extraordinary effort in the care and support of cancer patient(s).
Please describe in 250 words or less how this nominee went above and beyond, keeping in mind the award criteria below.
All nominees will be recognized at the BStrong event and the sponsor  party the night before August 10-11.  Two round trip airline tickets  will be given to the overall winners in each of the two categories  (family/friend and professional).


Please consider the following when writing your nomination story/description:

  1. B – Being There (day, night, from a distance, in creative ways, perhaps the unexpected person who really ‘showed up’)
  2. S – Spiritual Support (provided humor, levity, found ways to keep spirits high)
  3. T – Toughness (never-give-up, kick cancer attitude)
  4. R – Resourceful (identified new and/or effective treatments and expertise, found creative ways to provide comfort)
  5. O – Organized (helped keep friends and family informed, organized meals, kept track of treatments, drug schedules, etc.)
  6. N – Nice (nice to patient, staff, family, perhaps someone unrelated to cancer patient who is caring and thoughtful)
  7. G – Generous (with time, money, co-pays, clothing, etc.)


To nominate a phenomenal caregiver, visit here.