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Cancer Rights Conference – Chicago is pleased to partner with the Cancer Legal Resource Center on the
2012 Cancer Rights Conferences

Friday, September 7, 2012 in Chicago, IL Friday

This free event will provide patients, survivors, caregivers, advocates, navigators, healthcare professionals, and lawyers with valuable information about cancer-related legal issues, including: employment & taking time off work, health, and disability insurance options, and understanding health care reform. Don’t miss out on these free events!
To learn more about the Conferences and to register today, visit:

Step Up For Cancer Reflections

Reflections from Step Up For Cancer, from our Executive Director, Melissa Bowen

I had the opportunity to participate in my first Step Up for Cancer Event on August 5th. was one of over 40 cancer organizations participating. My experience was one of unexpected emotions and positive energy!

Reading the t-shirts people wore and collecting the swag that was handed out, brought both tears to my eyes and many smiles.

I stepped up for two dear friends, Wayne and Vtara, who have passed on. They both showed such poise and grace during their battles with cancer. I was proud to be able to honor them in this way.

The most amazing part of this event was talking to the real heroes: those who have battled and won their fight against cancer, those just beginning and those who love and care for them. They are all so brave.

It was also a bonding experience for my husband and niece. That we were able to witness so many people supporting those affected by cancer and participate together, warmed my heart.

I am humbled every day and feel immensely grateful to be a part of something that is so much bigger than me, and to know that in a small way, I can make a difference.

The Little Boy Here Who Is Bald

An inspiring moment from our Founder, Marcia Donziger, a 15 year Ovarian Cancer Survivor!

Yesterday my family went to the 4th annual “Step Up for Cancer” event on August 5th.  This fundraiser benefits 40+ cancer nonprofits in Colorado, including  The goal is to run all the stairs in the Dicks Sporting Goods soccer arena.  1,765 stairs.

Usually I would describe my 6-year old twins as “athletically challenged”.  Coordination and stamina do not come easy to them.  My husband, Rob, intended to hang out with them while I ran the arena with our MyLifeline team.

At the starting line, I began down the first flight.  Suddenly Jake and Ryan ran after me.  And continued stepping up and down around every single row in that professional arena.

They did not complain, and it was hot. At first, I expected they would try for a few rows before calling it quits at the balloon station.  But they were determined to finish and kept going.

Towards the finish, Jake asked “What do we get at the end?”.

Immediately I answered, “Popsicles!”, assuming he needed an extra boost of motivation.

Jake replied “No, what do YOU get at the end?”.

I said, “We are helping people who are sick.”

Jake was thoughtful.  “Like the little boy here who is bald?”.

I said, “Yes, people like him.”

Jake said, “Well, that’s why I do this too.”  And he picked up the pace.

As a parent, I sometimes get “put in my place” when my children challenge my preconceived notion of what they can do.  This was one of those times – and one of my proudest moments as a mom and cancer survivor.



Step Up For Cancer

This Sunday we’ll be participating in Step Up For Cancer. So far we have 47 participants and have raised almost $2,000. Help us reach our goal of $10,000!

The Event: Step Up For Cancer

The Date: August 5th, 2012

The Time: 7 am to 11 am

The Location: Dick’s Sporting Good Park

WHY WE STEP UP: We step up so that no cancer patient or caregiver ever feels alone!

Ways YOU Can Join Us:

What Your Donation Means to Us: We believe a strong support network is critical for cancer patients. Every day, we provide free, personal websites for cancer patients and caregivers to easily connect with family and friends, because no patient should ever feel alone. A donation $100 allows us to provide one patient website at no cost to the patient, so they can connect with their support network and get the support they need during their cancer journey!

Step Up Today!