A Note from the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance

A Note from the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month!

We need more ways to battle this disease – more research, better detection tools and better treatments.  The statistics are rough, recurrence high, which is all the more reason why information about this disease is so important for all women to know.


My name is Pep Torres and I’m the executive director of the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance.  I lost my mom to this disease 27 years ago, back when treatment was tougher than now – no anti-nausea medication or ports.  Sadly, not a lot of advances have been made in all those years.


Here is the good news – there is a movement happening!  A group of smart, caring and passionate people are working diligently to shift the status quo. Researchers, gynecologic oncologists, advocacy groups and survivors and their families are all working together harder than ever.  We want to catch this disease earlier so it doesn’t come back and if it does – stop recurrences at ONE and dare I say it …………….find a cure!


Our time is now – we are building on hope.



Please take a moment to think about these symptoms – remember them and as you speak with others remind them to know their family’s cancer history.


* If you or someone you know experiences these symptoms for more than 2 weeks – please see a Gynecologist.

* Does your family have any history of ovarian or breast cancer? – if yes, please talk with a genetic counselor

Pep Torres

pep (@) colo-ovariancancer.org




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