Organic Farming and Gardening during Cancer Treatment

As my first blog in our series about Cancer Treatment Centers of America I wanted to tell you about the organic farm at their Arizona location.

Farmer Bob of CTCA holds up cauliflower in the organic farm at the Arizona location. It also ties nicely into the #MLLCommunity theme this month of Hobbies. Let’s talk about farming and gardening!

At Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Goodyear,  Arizona they have planted an organic farm. It will take a few years to be certified organic but they are well on their way! The farm allows them to use organic food straight from their  “backyard”. Not only do the patients benefit from the organic food, but they can leisurely stroll through the farm and view the crops for themselves.

Sufficient nutrition is such a vital role in the cancer treatment process. At CTCA, nutrition therapy is one of the facets of their integrative model of care.

Chefs and nutritionists from CTCA have created a cookbook:

I’ve been thinking about growing a few things myself. Visiting the farm made me want to really take some action to plant a few things…. Herbs, jalapenos, micro greens…..

Do you have a vegetable garden? Plant garden? What do you like to grow?

What foods do you like to eat during treatment?

edible flowers

Edible flowers in the CTCA Organic Farm

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