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Free Colorado Wedding Giveaway by The Wedding Pink

Weddings are not cheap and neither is cancer treatment.  If your life has recently been touched by breast cancer and you’re engaged, congratulations on your engagement!  To submit an entry for a nearly cost-free dream wedding in Denver, Colorado go here. Submissions will be accepted from August 15, 2013 to August 25, 2013.  Entries are open to couples nationwide.  The wedding will be held May 15, 2014.

The Wedding Pink is the brainchild of Cheryl Unger, a 23 year breast cancer survivor and wedding photographer (and member) who donates her services as well as her time organizing the wedding.

Take a look at the list of  Denver’s top wedding vendors who are making donations for the 2014 Wedding Pink

The Wedding Pink will include:


Additional Information:

You can watch  video footage or browse pictures from past years of The Wedding Pink

Melissa + Jeff, the recipients of the first  The Wedding Pink


Farewell to Our Outgoing Board President


After 2 years of service as the Board President of Cancer Foundation, Dennis Wakabayashi is stepping down.  He has seen us through many changes, growing pains and milestones, including 100% growth from 2 staff members to four full time staff, the hiring of an executive director, and crossing the 100,000 member mark.  This kind of growth and change requires a strong leader and a lot of hard work.  We appreciate all that Dennis contributed to our organization and we are so grateful that he was able to commit his time and energy to  Thank you Dennis!


Be Part of Our Purple Ribbon Panel

As the Director of Program Innovation at, I have gobs of ideas on how to improve the site. Just the other day I was thinking there should be a way to post an update that only select people can view, so if you want only close family to see a particularly personal update, you can post it more privately.  But I wasn’t 100% certain. I wondered, would that be helpful? Would it make posting more confusing? Maybe our members have wished for that feature a thousand times. The point is, right now I can only guess!

We know our members have many perspectives and opinions and we want to ask you to share them.  If you’ve ever thought, hey this doesn’t work quite right, or wouldn’t it be cool if… about, click on over to our Facebook group and join our Purple Ribbon Panel.  This is where we’ll be previewing new features and getting input on what should get fixed or improved next.  You can participate as much or as little as you want.

Anyone with interest can participate in the Purple Ribbon Panel, including members (people who have sites), guests of member pages or caregivers who manage sites.  The Purple Ribbon Panel is a closed Facebook group, which means we can limit who can see it; we want it to be a safe place for you to share your thoughts; the same way your site is a safe place to share your cancer journey with friends and family.

Our goal is to continue making it easier for users to connect and share with friends and family, but sometimes we’re not sure if our idea is the next best thing on the internet, or a real flop.  Join the Purple Ribbon Panel and tell us today. We’ll be listening and taking action based on what you say.

What new features do you want to see most? Update notifications via text message?  A search function for updates?




Death Cafes

We love learning about what works for members during their cancer journeys and sharing those resources.  When an update about Death Cafés caught our eye, we had to find out more.  Death Cafés are a place for people to talk and explore the concept of death and dying in a casual environment, sidestepping the taboo of the topic.  It’s also an opportunity to eat cake and enjoy camaraderie amongst all types of people dealing with death. We asked member, Stephanie Sugars to share some Death Café resources.


For those who don’t know me, for the past 18 months I’ve been blogging about my 20+ year cancer adventure on where I explore living with serious illness and conscious dying.

Death Cafes are sweeping the world – there may even be one in your neighborhood. You can find them here – or,
if you prefer virtual to in-person gatherings, there have been online death cafes too

I’ve attended three Death Cafes in my region and have enjoyed meeting a wide variety of participants from all walks of life. Some are professionals working with hospice, senior citizens or home funerals; others have lost loved ones to death; and a surprising number were also facing their own mortality.

For those who want a handy guide to end-of-life resources for people with metastatic cancer and their caregivers, I’ve assembled an international resource list

Sending good healing wishes to all members.



Thanks to Stephanie for sharing! Let us know what you think about Death Cafés in the comments, do you think you would want to attend one?