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As the Director of Program Innovation at, I have gobs of ideas on how to improve the site. Just the other day I was thinking there should be a way to post an update that only select people can view, so if you want only close family to see a particularly personal update, you can post it more privately.  But I wasn’t 100% certain. I wondered, would that be helpful? Would it make posting more confusing? Maybe our members have wished for that feature a thousand times. The point is, right now I can only guess!

We know our members have many perspectives and opinions and we want to ask you to share them.  If you’ve ever thought, hey this doesn’t work quite right, or wouldn’t it be cool if… about, click on over to our Facebook group and join our Purple Ribbon Panel.  This is where we’ll be previewing new features and getting input on what should get fixed or improved next.  You can participate as much or as little as you want.

Anyone with interest can participate in the Purple Ribbon Panel, including members (people who have sites), guests of member pages or caregivers who manage sites.  The Purple Ribbon Panel is a closed Facebook group, which means we can limit who can see it; we want it to be a safe place for you to share your thoughts; the same way your site is a safe place to share your cancer journey with friends and family.

Our goal is to continue making it easier for users to connect and share with friends and family, but sometimes we’re not sure if our idea is the next best thing on the internet, or a real flop.  Join the Purple Ribbon Panel and tell us today. We’ll be listening and taking action based on what you say.

What new features do you want to see most? Update notifications via text message?  A search function for updates?




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