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Supporting Each Cancer Journey:’s 2014 Annual Report

We are pleased to share our 2014 annual report: Supporting Each Cancer Journey. 2014 was a year of innovation and change for as we continued to advance our mission of connecting cancer patients and caregivers to their community of family and friends for social and emotional support. launched a more stable and flexible website that was the result of months of work and preparation. As a technology-based organization, it’s important that we stay current and deploy periodic updates to our website.

The Colorado Healthcare Communicators recognized for its work in the cancer community. We received the Nonprofit Project of the Year and Gold Leaf awards for our #Ribboning campaign honoring people affected by cancer, which has evolved into a bigger program in 2015.

Our annual Jockeys, Juleps and Jazz event was a tremendous success that raised over $240,000 thanks to the many friends, members, sponsors and supporters who came out in their festive Derby attire to support’s mission. More than 300 guests dined on a traditional menu of southern cuisine, sipped on signature mint juleps, listened to an energetic jazz band, bid on vibrant auction items and cheered on the running of the 140th Kentucky Derby.

In our 2014 annual report, you’ll hear from members and caregivers how our services have changed their cancer experience; relieving the burden of communication, rallying their family and friends for support, organizing their needs for volunteers and raising funds to aid in the cost of their treatment and other expenses.

We’re proud to show you the impact our programs and services have on all people affected by cancer, and invite you to check out our 2014 annual report here.Supporting Each Cancer Journey:'s 2014 Annual Report

American Cancer Society and Announce Partnership

DENVER, CO (August 20, 2015)- The American Cancer Society and Cancer Foundation ( are pleased to announce a new partnership to provide social and emotional support services to all people affected by cancer. The American Cancer Society is the latest nonprofit partner in’s eight-year history.

Through the partnership, cancer patients and caregivers can connect to their community of family and friends for support through a free website via, allowing them to share their cancer journey and focus on healing. Services include posting health statuses and photos to easily share updates in one central location, tools to help with medical and other treatment expenses, a calendar to help organize volunteers for meals and rides and numerous resources specific to most cancer types.

“This partnership means that more cancer patients and their loved ones will have another excellent resource to help meet their survivorship needs and make their cancer experiences as stress-free as possible,” said Chuck Westbrook, senior vice-president, Cancer Control Programs and Services, American Cancer Society. “Giving them access to a tool like makes it easier for them to ask for help and share news with their friends and family so they can focus on getting well.”

“The American Cancer Society and share the common goal of helping people affected by cancer,” said Pete Sheehan, CEO of “We reduce stress, anxiety, and isolation after a cancer diagnosis by connecting cancer patients and caregivers to their community of family and friends for social and emotional support. We’re excited about the partnership with the American Cancer Society which will help more people access our suite of tools and services.”

Through the new partnership, will provide websites and social support services to constituents of the American Cancer Society, and the American Cancer Society will direct patients and caregivers to’s services. More information about the partnership can be found here:

Both organizations are committed to helping people affected by cancer navigate the communication challenges that arise after a cancer diagnosis.

About Cancer Foundation connects cancer patients and caregivers to their community of family and friends for social and emotional support. We provide online communication and stress reducing tools that allow patients and caregivers to share their journey and focus on healing. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing services free to anyone impacted by cancer. Since 2007 has served more than 130,000 people globally in more than 20 countries. More information is available at

Five books to read when you (or someone you love) is diagnosed with cancer

This is a guest blog posTracy Maxwell Headshott by Tracy Maxwell, the author of Being Single, With Cancer: The Solo Survivor’s Guide to Life, Love, Health & Happiness.  She shares her recommendations on five books to read when you (or someone you love) is diagnosed with cancer.

1. Crazy, Sexy Cancer
Kris Carr has written several books and made a documentary that launched it all when she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. When doctors told her there weren’t good treatment options, she gave herself the title of CEO of Save My Ass Industries and embarked on her own healing journey. You will find comfort, humor and connection in going along for the ride, and ultimately, inspiration for creating your own healing journey.

2. Mind Over Medicine

Lissa Rankin is an M.D. who just knew there was a better way. Through her own health challenges and witnessing those of her patients, she went in search of scientific proof of the mind-body connection and she found it in droves. This book and the second one in the series, The Fear Cure, outline the ways in which our own thoughts and emotions impact our physical health. More importantly, both books outline a method for us to create our own healing through writing a personal prescription to guide us.

3. Radical Remission

Kelly Turner, PhD was counseling cancer patients at a major medical center when she stumbled upon the phenomena of spontaneous remission – patients who had healed themselves without convention therapies or beyond them. She wondered why these cases hadn’t been studied in the composite and shared widely with the world, so she began the process of doing just that. The book outlines nine key factors that were present in each case of radical remission that she studied. Only two involve physical items – diet and supplementation – the rest are psycho-social and emotional factors.

4. Love, Medicine & Miracles

Dr. Bernie Siegel has been writing books about the relationship between the patient and the healing process for decades. His ideas about patient empowerment were radical when he first gained prominence in 1978. As a pediatric surgeon, this book in particular flaunted his disagreement with the medical establishment. He advised love as a path to healing, and suggested the possibility of miracles. In 12 books he has shared his passion for helping people overcome life’s challenges (not just the physical ones) and live more fully in the present.

5. Dying to Be Me

Anita Moorjani writes powerfully about her own near death experience from advanced cancer, and what she realized that shot her back to her life on earth with more passion and purpose than she had ever felt before. What she got was that we are all here to love and be loved, to be ourselves and experience joy. When we veer off that path, our bodies send us strong messages about how to get back. These can be physical illnesses, emotional pain, accidents, job loss and other wake up calls to focus our attention back on what is meaningful. This personal story is so honest and inspiring.

I would like to mention that what all of these books have in common is a recognition of the emotional connection to all dis-ease. Illness isn’t just of the body. It is connected to pain on other levels including mental, emotional and spiritual. When we can connect all the parts of ourselves, love ourselves more and let go of fear, we can truly heal.

Tracy is the author of Being Single, With Cancer: The Solo Survivor’s Guide to Life, Love, Health & Happiness and she loves her work as a healing coach. Helping people recognize and heal the patterns in life that are keeping them from experiencing complete health, well-being and fulfillment is her greatest joy. You can connect with her on social media, read her blog, buy her book or find out more about her coaching at (There are also recommendations of several other books that Tracy loves.)