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5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Kate Papania

    Hi ! I was hoping to reach out to you and ask for your help. I just opened a shop on Etsy and am donating 50% of the proceeds of one of my prints, seen here,×14-print-good-cause?ref=shop_home_active
    to The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to support and finance cancer research and prevention. The print is in memory of my mom’s college roommate, who I knew as “Aunt Sarah”, who passed away several years ago after battling ovarian cancer. She wrote a book called “I’m Not Finished” and I have used one of her quotes, with permission, and made it into typographic art. There is more info about her here:
    Anyways, I was wondering if you might be able to write about this or share it with anyone you know who might be interested. I really appreciate your blog!

    1. mllblog Post author

      Hi Kate,
      Love your art, we might be able to share on our Facebook page.

      Thanks for sharing!

    1. Adrienne at Post author

      Thanks so much Kandi! We love your #ribboning photo representing Georgia! We’re keeping Clint in our thoughts.


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