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The #Ribboning Movement: Participate in the #Ribboning Relay

MyLifeLine.org initiated the first ever National #Ribboning Day on July 16, which was inspired by MyLifeLine.org members, Jen and Britton.

Jen and Britton are two caregivers who independently journeyed with their spouses, who lost their battles with terminal cancer in 2011 and 2012, respectively. They later met through a personal connection with MyLifeLine.org and were married on July 16, encouraging their wedding guests to ignite the #Ribboning movement.

“MyLifeLine.org supported Britton and me during a very dark part of our lives, and we want to support them however we can,” said Jen Garza, member of MyLifeLine.org, and Executive Director of Texas4000 for Cancer. “#Ribboning is our way to keep love going.”

We are excited to share the overwhelming response of celebrities, businesses and nonprofits who have joined us in raising awareness and supporting all people impacted by cancer by sharing their #Ribboning photos or posting about the movement.

  • InStyle and Zac Posen shared some stylish #Ribboning photos
  • Ralph Lauren joined the movement by having four of their models ribbon
  • The SAG Awards team posted their #Ribboning photo
  • Sacramento Kings Head Coach George Karl and family posted a #Ribboning photo
  • People.com thinks #Ribboning might just become this year’s planking
  • The Ellen Show says all the cool kids are #Ribboning

Join the #Ribboning Relay
We are continuing to raise awareness for all people affected by cancer through the #Ribboning Relay, and we are passing the baton to you, asking everyone to either ribbon or give.

Participating in the #Ribboning Relay is Easy:

  1. Have a picture taken of yourself in a “Ribboning” pose with your body in the shape of a cancer ribbon.
  2. Post the picture to Facebook with #Ribboning and share who you are Ribboning for. For example, “I am Ribboning for my Aunt Barbara.”
  3. Pass the baton – tag friends and ask that they participate by #Ribboning and passing it on or by giving at www.ribboning.com.



Team Kick Cancer

Team Kick Cancer provides financial grants to individuals or groups  committed to increasing cancer awareness. We focus on passionate individuals who want to take action to promote cancer awareness. This  mission will be accomplished by developing awareness programs, educational messages, or statements that will be communicated on a local level.

Currently Accepting Applications for the 2012 Give Program! Find out more

What do we do?

Team Kick Cancer produces local events such as galas, runs and walks, and concerts to raise monies that fund the Team Kick Cancer Grants.

Team Kick Cancer Grants

Grants are awarded to help individuals educate others about cancer as well as build local programs, distribute  information and make a statement or create a buzz about cancer. The  educational cancer message will vary. It depends on how each individual  defines cancer awareness and what aspect of cancer awareness he/she is  personally passionate about. No matter how you define it, no matter what your passion, Team Kick Cancer is here to support you and our fight against cancer.

How can you make a difference?

There are excellent organizations that  provide exceptional information about cancer. However, most of these  operate on a national level. We need to deliver our message a little  closer to home, at a local level. You can make a difference by sharing  important information about cancer within your own community.


Two ways to Join the Team:

1. Apply for a Team Kick Cancer Grant

2. Participate in a Team Kick Cancer event.
Apply for a grant before March 31st! http://teamkickcancer.org/give-program.html