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#MLLCommunity- Share Your Goals for 2013

#MLLCommunity- Share Your Goals for 2013

We’re excited to kick off our new campaign called #MLLCommunity. The goal is to provide patients, caregivers, and those who support them with meaningful dialogue to help them Connect, Inspire, and Heal! Visit here for more information about the #MLLCommunity

Welcome to the #MLLCommunity. We hope you find connection, inspiration, and emotional healing here!

Every week we’ll share writing ideas and writing prompts to encourage dialogue between you and those who support you. We’ll send a monthly email with writing prompts for each week. Then it’s up to you! Write a My Update on your MyLifeLine.org page. Post your answer to the Facebook wall. Post a comment on the blog with your answer. Read other people’s answers and be inspired!


Now, for the first #MLLCommunity prompt for 2013:

  • Share your personal goals for 2013 so your network can help hold you accountable.
  • Make your goals specific so you know what you need to do to accomplish them.
  • Ask a friend to help you by joining goals together!


At MyLifeLine.org we have a few goals this year as well!

MyLifeLine.org’s 2013 Goals

  • 2,500 newly diagnosed cancer patients find and utilize our service; 42,000 of their friends and family register to follow their progress through MyLifeLine.org
  • Provide outstanding customer support to all of the cancer patients, caregivers and their supporters!
  • Grow our team! Hire a Marketing and Communications Coordinator to help us reach our goal of finding patients as close after diagnosis as possible.
  • Translate the website and customer support system into Spanish!
  • Build an AMAZING online community for cancer patients and those who support them! Learn more about the #MLLCommunity.

Now it’s up to you!!

Share your goals on your MyLifeLine.org blog. Share your goals on Facebook and Twitter. Leave a comment below! Share your goals and be inspired by other people’s goals!

We’d love to hear what your goals are! Please share! You can share on Facebook, Twitter (use #MLLCommunity), or by commenting below. We hope to hear from you!

Feel free to use the #MLLCommunity hashtag for anything you write about that brings you connection, inspiration, and healing!

Stay tuned for the next #MLLCommunity post, next week!