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The Bucket – poetry by a cancer survivor

This week’s blog post is a featured poem by Linda Nielsen, a cancer survivor.

The Bucket © Copyright by Linda Nielsen

The doctor had the answer,
and the news, it wasn’t good.
With one word my world stood still,
I totally understood.

A bucket of icy cold water,
came cruelly sailing my way.
It’s the only way to describe,

my feelings that gloomy day.

Than that same cold bucket,
came crashing down upon my head.
It’s how I felt when told my options,
could surely leave me dead.

So through the grueling treatment,
I had to wonder at the irony,
drink those buckets of water,
was what they kept telling me.

Even though I did it all,
I really still wasn’t sure.
If my thoughts of surviving this,
wasn’t a little bit premature.

But here I am years later,
after thinking I’d surely be dead.
But instead of kicking the bucket,
I’ve planted flowers in it instead!

Linda Nielsen

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The Bucket by Linda Nielsen - Poetry by a Cancer Survivor