Donate Your Change to with CaringCent


How often have you been at a store checkout counter, and been asked to donate your change to an organization you know very little about? Did you know that last year, 77 organizations each raised more than $1 million in checkout counter donations alone? Well, now you can give to instead –and keep the tax benefit.

We've partnered with CaringCent, a fundraising technology company that helps protect you from the forces of checkout counter coercion. Through CaringCent’s secure platform, you can register a credit or debit card, and then designate our organization to receive the virtual change you create from purchases.

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CaringCent uses the rounding method to create the virtual change that you will donate—for example, you pay $41.75 for a restaurant dinner, the bill gets rounded up to $42.00, and you donate the difference of 25 cents. When you pay with a credit or debit card registered with CaringCent, purchases you make on that card will be rounded up, and that change will go to support and the cancer community we serve!