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5 Common Symptoms that You Need Emergency Dental Care

Dental emergencies are inevitable, and it can happen to anyone at any time. It can be during an intense game or while you are eating at a restaurant. Whatever the story is, this only means one thing. You need emergency dental care Narre Warren.

While getting to a dentist like Victor Crescent Dental Clinic as soon as possible when you have a dental emergency is essential to remedy the pain, it is also necessary that you maintain your dental health and apply the things that the dentist told you to do to prevent further damage.

Read on for the five most common cases where you need emergency dental care and some advice on what you can do at once to help yourself in these situations.

Oral pain or toothache

It is important to note that every time you have dental pain or toothache, this means that you have trouble with your oral health. Just like most dental situations, the symptoms are not noticeable until they advance and involve the nerve. The pain then becomes unbearable.

Every time your gum tissue, jaw, or a tooth is painful; you need to contact your dental clinic for emergency dental care Narre Warren. If you postpone your treatment, your pain will worsen, and you might even need an extraction.

Swelling or inflammation

Whenever you have inflammation in your gums, it indicates infection. Even if the swelling has no pain, yet you need to seek emergency dental care because an active infection anywhere in the body can become severe and might also lead to death.

This swelling is often present in the gum tissue, jaw, or face and could mean that you have an infected tooth. A root canal treatment can save it.

Broken, split or knocked out teeth

Our teeth are exposed to dangers every day. Whether it is from biting into something or the risks caused by contact sports. If you break a tooth, you need to have the damage repaired at once. If not, without reinforcement, it can cause further damages to the structure. Sometimes it can be remedied by placing the teeth back into place with reinforcements until the ligaments and the bone heal around the tooth.

Temporary Crowns Come off

If you realized that your temporary crown is coming off, you should try to catch it before getting swallowed or lose it. You can put a temporary solution by dabbing a little amount of Vaseline to bond it to your tooth and not to bite down too hard until you reach the clinic for possible replacement.

Broken Jaw or Jaw Pain

If you have been in an accident and hurt your jaw, you need to see your dentist immediately. Make sure to ice your face to prevent the swelling and don’t eat any solid food until you see a dentist.

If you are not sure if you need an emergency dental care or you need an emergency dentist in Narre Warren, contact Victor Crescent Dental Clinic immediately for an appointment. They are happy to provide you with guidance and determine if emergency treatment is necessary.

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