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  Tom Clark
Tom Clark
  Tom Clark

How to Get More Real Instagram Followers in a Very Little Time

Instagram has become a common marketing and audience building tool for businesses. Businesses have taken advantage of the billions of users to harvest a lot of customers and make plenty of sales. It is estimated that 60 million images are share on Instagram on daily basis and 1.6 billion likes are generated.

As a business owner, such millions of interactions present a wonderful opportunity to generate more customers and traffic to your brand website. Gaining followers is a problem though so you need to know what to do to gain followers in a very short time.

Promote Dedicated Hashtags Even on Other Sectors

You have created a dedicated hashtag for your business and you are busy marketing it on social media. That is perfect but it is not enough. Print such tags on your receipts, make sure they are included on your Facebook posts and if possible, circulate them in chat rooms. That is the best way to ensure you increase dedicated tag visibility and increase the volume of followers on your Instagram account. By cross-promoting your tags, you are able to increase their visibility and improve your number of followers.

Be Creative on Your Hashtags

Don’t just do the tags using your brand name alone, be creative and add some more words on them. Be funny, ironic, or outrageous, just don’t be boring or normal. People want to have their interest stimulated in one way or another for them to follow you.

You can look for ideas from the net so that you create engaging hashtags. If you are not creative, many people will pass your hashtags and you will be left just like that. Try as much as you can to be funny and add sensitive pictures to improve client’s attention.

Participate in Long Massive Conversations

On this tip, you need to be able to use both topical hashtags as well as the trending ones. Topically hashtags promote your brand while trending tags generate more traffic to your account thereby making you to gain lots and lots of followers. You will be able to enjoy excellent outcomes within a very short time. If possible, make sure you combine stories from all social media platforms so as to increase more followers to your Instagram account. Once you know how to combine the best hashtags, you will be able to harvest lots and lots of followers.

Be Descriptive on All Your Captions

Sometimes it feels so simple to just post a photo on Instagram and assume people will understand. It is more effective if you add a description of the captions you post because they help people understand further. They will be able to share, like and comment which means more people will see it. A plain photo may be perfect but cannot impact people as the way a photo with caption would do. Try to also put some exciting words and be as real as you can so as to improve the interest of the reader.

Influencer Marketing is Important

There are people who get a lot of comments, shares, likes and participation whenever they post something. Such people normally converse a lot and it would be necessary for you to know when they post something so that you increase number of people who follow you.


Take your time and apply these strategies so that you increase number of your followers. After you gain lots of followers, you need to increase your posting frequency so that you engage a lot of your followers and keep the glued to your brand. You can use the instagram like bot to be your assistant in posting and engaging customers.

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