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The Humatrope Pen Cost and why we have the best price

What is Humatrope?

In 1987, Humatrope was developed and approved to treat children who are growing slowly for they suffer from growth hormone deficiency. Humatrope is a form of growth hormone that is man-made or synthetic.

FDA classified it as a growth stimulant drug for it contains an artificial drug with a recombinant growth hormone that basically replaces the human growth hormone in both children and adults who are experiencing deficiencies.

Humatrope is available in two forms:

  • (1) Cartridges - available in six, twelve, and twenty-four milligram for use with a Humatro-Pen injection device. (Nonmedicinal components: vial: dibasic sodium phosphate, glycine, and mannitol; diluent: glycerin and m-cresol.)
  • (2) Vial package - to be operated by syringe and needle. (Nonmedicinal components: vial: dibasic sodium phosphate, glycine, and mannitol; diluent: glycerin and m-cresol)

Who is Humatrope for?

It is used to treat youngsters who are short for their age or growing slowly for the following reasons:

  • Problems developing enough growth hormone on their own
  • Alongside syndromes such as Turner Syndrome, Noonan syndrome, Prader Willi syndrome, and Down's syndrome
  • Have idiopathic short stature, which means they are shorter than any other children of the same age and sex. Also, they are growing at a rate not likely to allow them to reach normal adult height, and causes of short stature cannot be found for some reason
  • SHOX deficiency disorder
  • Were born smaller than normal for the number of weeks of pregnancy and do not catch up specifically in the aspect of height even until reaching two to four years old.
  • Adults who experience pituitary disease, hypothalamic disease, and even surgery
  • Adults targeting to enhance their physical appearance, athletic performance, and capabilities

On a side note, patients under active illness, closed epiphyses, diabetic retinopathy, or any form of distortion should be advised before considering any Humatrope.

Who should not take Humatrope?

Humatrope should not be used by:

  • People with active cancer, tumors in the brain or pituitary gland might be present and they should be removed before proceeding to this therapy
  • People experiencing severe complications after having a surgery such as abdominal and open heart surgery, serious injuries, or any life-threatening concerns related to breathing
  • Children with Prader-Willi syndrome who are obese or encountered serious breathing problems
  • People having a serious allergic reaction to growth hormones
  • People who are diabetic
  • Youngsters with closed growth plates in their bones

Where to get Humatrope?

Humatrope can be found from all over the world, but if you want to ensure authenticity alongside with a very reasonable price, HGH Vallarta made that possible for you. You can click here and get all the information about the Humatrope Pen that you need.

One of the best pharmaceutical companies in the world that produces authentic and effective Humatrope is Eli Lilly which has been in good business with the USA and Mexico since the 19th century. Eli Lilly has built its reputation and credibility on Humatrope throughout the years.

If you are planning to start HGH therapy, you must secure the prescription from your doctor as this is needed for you to be able to take advantage of this Humatrope hormone.

We have the best price

HGH Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico provides detailed information about Humatrope that is of great help especially for those people who wants to know more regarding this treatment. Normally, Humatrope is two to four times cheaper in Mexico compared to the USA.

At HGH Vallarta, it is priced at $6,926.00 for a year supply of Humatrope pen which is one of the best deals in the market today compared to the one in the USA which is two to four times expensive.

We value your feedback and satisfaction, also, your safety is our utmost priority so rest assured that all products being offered recognizes and follows international protocols in all forms.

Is it safe?

Humatrope is a medical practice and just like any other medical practice, it has its menaces alongside its many benefits. Some side effects that may occur are as follows:

  • Bearable pain and itching on the area that has been injected are possible since HGH pens contain tiny needles that deliver the HGH into the body. It may cause an adverse reaction that may cause swelling and redness
  • Pain in the muscles, joints, and bones
  • Stomach aches and bloating
  • Flu-like symptoms such as a sore throat and cough

Though they may seem like minor side-effects, they could lead to serious problems that’s why they should be taken seriously.

Stop taking the medication and consult your doctor immediately if any of the following occurs,

  • Frequently experiencing serious headaches together with nausea and vomiting
  • Severe allergic reaction on the skin (abdominal cramps, swelling of the face and throat as well as difficulty in breathing)

Nonetheless, specialists have committedly working in developing it throughout the years for all its claim has been assessed with safety and care.

Humatrope proper usage and storage

  • The dose is a case to case basis depending on recommended dosage by your doctor
  • It is only administered through injection either subcutaneously (under the skin), or intramuscularly (into the muscle) if the doctor advises
  • Never attempt to take a double dose to make up for a missed one
  • If you see any discoloration or if it’s contaminated by particles, don’t use it.
  • It must be kept refrigerated with thirty-six to forty-six degree Fahrenheit or 2 to 8 degree Celsius before and after it is mixed (DO NOT FREEZE)
  • Once mixed, cartridges must be used within twenty-eight days while vials must be within fourteen days.
  • Any unused Humatrope in a cartridge after twenty-eight days and in a vial after fourteen days must be properly disposed.
  • Also, always check the manufacturer’s expiration date. Do not use if it has expired.


Alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine can intervene with Humatrope medication, make sure that your doctor is aware if you consume them as well as any medical conditions or allergies you may have so safety precaution or warnings will be conducted before considering any Humatrope therapy.

Order your HGH injections today and enjoy a comfortable, healthy, and youthful life at a very affordable price here at HGH Vallarta.

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